Artist Shop Spotlight: Sasha Unisex

We’ve all seen tattoos on skin…but how about tattoos on apparel? Infamous Russian tattoo artist Sasha Unisex has been making her tattoos available as temporary tattoos for those of us who want the look without making an inked life commitment. And now, we’re super stoked that she’s making her tattoo art even more widely available by offering her beautiful watercolor art on apparel in a Threadless Artist Shop!

We talked to Sasha about her temporary tattoos, real tattoos, and about her Artist Shop. Check out the interview below!

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How did you become a tattoo artist?

One day I put my mind to learn something new, something which can be created with my hands. I’d already been a professional artist at the time I wanted to try my hand at tattooing. I was always attracted to people with tattoos, so I decided to become one of them, to experience this world from the inside out.

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How many tattoos do you have? Do you tattoo yourself?

I have quite a lot tattoos, but I often forget about it. It’s my skin, it’s a part of me. Tattoos don’t exist separately. Like any aspiring tattooer I tried to tattoo myself, it is interesting, but it’s more about getting experience than getting a good tattoo.

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Your watercolor tattoos look so unique – how do you set your designs/colors apart and how did you develop this watercolor style?

When I started to create tattoo designs with watercolor, I used not so many colors: shades of black, red and blue, then it became interesting to me to add more colors. The style developed gradually,  I just tried to transfer my paintings to skin as closely as I could.

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You really seem to encourage temporary tattoo use to make tattoos more widely available. How do you feel about temporary tattoos being used?    

Temporary tattoos look like the real ones, apart from that they have nothing in common with real tattoos. Nevertheless, it’s not popular for nothing. In a few minutes you can change an outfit for a party or for a photo session with temporary tattoos or you can use it as accessories just to cheer yourself up in a usual day.

Top (left to right): “Unicorn” and “Red Fox” | Middle: “Grey Fox” | Bottom (left to right): “Rose Fox” and “Whale

What made you want to open an Artist Shop and put your beautiful designs on apparel?

I have a lot of followers in social networks and I like to interact with them.

Many of these people want to have a piece of my art not only on skin, but also on a wall of their house or on a t-shirt. That’s amazing that little things can bring so much joy.

What inspires your designs?

My main inspiration is nature and animals. It’s enough to see beautiful flower to intent to draw right there. I am often inspired by people and their stories when I am creating custom tattoo designs.

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How do you balance tattooing and doing art?

For me tattooing is art, it’s even better than painting in art gallery, because same painting can live, breathe, travel. Tattooing is one of the most wonderful form of art.

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What tattoo artists do you admire?

I admire tattoo artists who are not similar to others, who have their own unique vision and who create around themselves a small world.

Anything you’re currently excited about?

I can’t wait to present my new temporary tattoo collection.


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