Artist Shops FAQ

So, you’ve reserved your artist shop and are wondering what to do now. Welp, you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

When can I start my shop?
Artist Shops launches to everyone this Fall. In the meantime, we’re launching a handful of invite-only shops each week leading up to the public launch. To be considered for early selection, please fill out the Artist Shops Survey. If you’ve reserved your shop, we’ll be in touch along the way with updates as things progress.

What products can I sell in my shop?
To start, we’ll be launching with Men’s and Women’s apparel items including T-shirts, V-necks, Tanks, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, etc. We’ll also have Wall Art options and phone cases. Beyond that we have an exciting product roadmap and will be consistently adding new product options!

How do I upload products?
When we launch this fall you will be given an online product creation tool for posting products to your shop. You’ll upload your art file, then choose which products you’d like to offer for that design.

How are my products printed?
Your products will be manufactured using on demand printing technologies. Each product type uses unique printing processes ranging from DTG printing to dye sublimation.

How many products can I sell?
As many as you like! We’re starting with apparel, phone cases and art prints, but are constantly exploring new canvases for your art.

How does pricing work?
You set your own prices for your products. Our base fee covers production and logistical costs, and you keep the difference!

Will my designs be included in the catalog on
Your Artist Shop is completely separate from the Threadless catalog, but if we’d like to highlight one of your designs, we’ll reach out directly to you for approval.

What’s happening with the Threadless design challenges?
Our design challenges will remain unchanged with the launch of Artist Shops. We will still have our open call for design submissions and choose new designs for print each week. You are welcome to post designs to both your shop and our design challenges.

How are you going to promote my shop?
To start, Threadless will promote Artist Shops from a directory section on You can see the beginnings of this here. As Artist Shops expand, we will be curating shops within various categories and promoting new shops on a weekly basis to our customers. We will also be providing artists with ongoing promotional tips through a blog and newsletter specifically for shop owners.

How many Artist Shops can I open?
Every Threadless user account can haz one shop!

How do I customize my shop’s design?
You’ll be able to upload your logo and customize your shop’s layout and color scheme. Later on we will be offering various themes to choose from and maybe even allow you to customize your site’s CSS code if you are feeling adventurous!

Do I have to brand my shop with a Threadless logo?
Your shop can be branded with or without a “powered by Threadless” logo. It’s your call! We won’t be offended if you make it all about you.

Who handles customer service for my shop?
Threadless will field all customer service inquiries and work directly with your customers to resolve any issues that come up.

How do I monitor sales?
Your earnings dashboard lives within your Threadless account and can be accessed anytime to see how your products are selling.

Still have questions? Give us a shout at!