21 Badass Female Artists Who Are Absolutely Crushin’ it

Shall I compare female artists to a summer’s day? How about instead, let’s compare them to a cool summer’s lightning storm: beautiful, powerful, strong, & downright unstoppable. In the strange times we’re living in, the answer to the (sung) question, “Who run the world?” may not always seem like an easily loud & emphatic “GIRLS!” But between the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, women’s marches happening all around the world, and pink knitted hats becoming a common accessory, oh the times, they are a-changin’. We wanted to give a shoutout to just a few of the female artists, the badasses, the creative Wonder Women in our global community who are absolutely slaying the art game. Discover their amazing work below. And ladies? Just remember…

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Ebony Bolt | Brooklyn, USA

Shop her designs here & here!

Kristen Liu-Wong | Los Angeles, California

Shop her designs! (NSFW)

Lidwina Hadi | Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

Shop her design here!

It Must Bee a Sign | San Francisco, USA

Shop her designs!

Gemma Correll England to California

Shop her designs!

Mable Tan | Melbourne, Australia

Shop her designs here and here!

Catherine & Sarah Satrun | Chicago, Illinois

Shop their designs here!

Elly Liyana | Singapore, based in Thailand

Shop her designs!

Jess Fink | New York

Shop her designs!

Ali Mac | New York

Shop her work here!

Fernanda Correa | Rio de Janeiro

Shop her work!

Kathrin Legg | Germany-born, Australia-raised

Shop her work here!

Michelle (@Littleclyde) | Berlin, Germany

Shop her designs!

Jana Misheva | Skopje, Macedonia

Shop her designs!

Aitch | Romania

Shop her designs!

Camille Chew (@LordofMasks) | Ithaca, New York

Shop her designs!

Mel Stringer | Australian-born, USA-living

Shop her designs!

K’Valentine Chicago, Illinois

Shop her designs!Philippa Rice | UK

Shop her designs!

Tara McPherson | New York

Shop her designs!

“Badass Women on Tees” by Daisy | Los Angeles, California

Shop her designs!

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