BEHOLD: The Long Sleeve Shirt Has Arrived

One of the biggest bummers about summer being over is having to hide your graphic tee under layers upon layers of…layers.

Well we have a solution. We’ve invented a new species of shirt: long sleeve tees.

…Ok, we didn’t invent it, they’re long sleeve shirts. But we brought a bunch of our designs to long sleeve form so that you can have all the warmth while still rockin’ your favorite designs.

From left to right: “Arcade Expressionism” by Brock Davis, “Dolphox” by Ross Zietz, and “Going Where the Wind Blows” by Budi Satria Kwan

From shirts that look like long sleeve versions of our tees, to two-tone raglans, these super soft designs will please everyone from arm-nudists to never-nudes.

This could be us but you playin’. From left to right: “Birds of a Feather” by Ross Zietz, “Bowzilla” by Estudio Verso, and “The Hanging City” by Tang Yau Hoong.

And they’re all warm enough to let your arms comfortably hibernate through the cold months, but light enough that you won’t heat up to spontaneous combustion levels.

PSA: our shirts are not responsible for spontaneous human combustion. That’s something you should probably get looked at.

No longer will you have to trade the tees and tanks for the heavy arm prisons that are most sleeves. We offer tight designs that aren’t literally tight, but are more like soft hugs for your arms…except way less creepy than that.

Check ‘em out guys and check ’em out, ladies.

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Carlyn Hill

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