Blaze a Trail with these 420 Designs

Funny and punny dad designs

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Happy 4/20! The only real holiday where best buds can get together to hang out in the clouds. Did you know that the term “420” started in 1971 by a few kids? In 1971, a group of 5 high schoolers in northern California, chose 4:20 as the time to meet, partake in the greenery, and make grand plans for the next 4:20. Clever little stoners!

Weed by maurogatti

It’s high time we had a conversation about how to blaze a trail properly on this day of days. You don’t want to be left out of the rotation when you could be rocking the dopest designs! Be ready to roll and don’t be left high and dry without your new dank design.

Let's Make Brownies
Let’s Make Brownies by Steven Rhodes

Once a year (or twice a day), celebrate 4/20 with the most lit artwork created by the dopest artists around the world! These designs are some of our favorites and remind us the grass really can be greener with the right stuff. Now go find your new go-to weed tee and make the most out of your joint adventure!

Mr. Green
Mr. Green by billmund

Yes by merkinspurlock
Hemp by badbugs_art

Nugs by valtastic

Smile High Club
Smile High Club by campkatie

Meowy Wowy
Meowy Wowy by tenso

Friends Forever
Cute Friends by Illustrata
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