How To Submit

The post below will share everything you need to know about submitting your post for publication on the Threadless blog. If you still aren’t sure what to write, check out What To Write.

Our pre-determined template will dictate the overall format of your post, but there are still style elements that can be altered according to preference. To get familiar with how we style and lay out certain blogs according to certain content, check out some of our past posts below.

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When you’re ready to post, login and select “+ New” from the Menu.


Copy/Paste in your written content or start fresh inside the field. It’s up to you. Don’t forget to include your well-crafted headline. This will be the first thing we see about your submission so make sure it’s compelling!


Select a compelling feature image for the top of your blog that helps introduce your story. This field is located on the lower right side column.


For other photos, make sure the cursor is where you want the photo and select Add Media and upload your high-quality, high-resolution photos. Visual content is a huge part of our blog so the better the images, the better chance you have of getting published. The more images the merrier, as well!


Make sure to credit everything that needs crediting (anything that is not properly credited cannot be published). After you add in your media, hover over the image, and click the pencil to add an image caption, align it, change the size, or link the image accordingly. The formatting will be automatic.


Use the chain icon in the toolbar to add any appropriate links throughout the text and images.


Fill in the fields for Focus Keyword, Meta description and Tags field. This will help people search and find your piece.


If you haven’t already, fill out your profile with a photo and your social links.


Once you’ve checked, previewed, double-checked, and double-previewed your post, click the blue button to Submit For Review.


We’ll let you know in 2-3 days if your blog with be published and whether we need any additional information. If you have questions, hit us up via email!

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