What To Write

Hey there! We’re so happy to have you as part of the Threadless Blogger team. With your help, we’ll deliver art inspiration, news, tips, stories, and general artful awesomeness to the Threadless community. Your pieces can focus on your personal experiences as well as the art you observe in the world and want to share in a unique way. When considering topics, think about ideas that would interest and inspire a community of artists, designers, and makers.

To get you started, we created a list of prompts that we encourage you to choose from to create compelling content:

  • 3 ways I find creativity in day-to-day activities
  • The ways art plays a role in my everyday life
  • 10 pieces of great typography
  • The Threadless artist I find most inspiring
  • 5 pieces of art I look at every day
  • The art of my city
  • Is this art? (Found pieces that are so weird, confusing, or strange that they make you wonder, “Is this art?”)
  • 5 design fails
  • How’d they do that? (5 pieces of art that leave you totally stumped on their creation)
  • My first art teacher (All art teachers had a little bit of wacky in them, tell us about yours)

Also, if you are an artist yourself, you may want to consider writing about these types of topics as well:

  • The first piece of my art I ever sold
  • Why I am a maker
  • An artist that inspires me
  • The first time I was printed on Threadless
  • My day job
  • 5 pieces of advice for new artists
  • My favorite place/source/person to discover new inspiration
  • Steps I take to get past a creative block
  • A piece of art I’ve never shared with anyone before, the reason why, and here it is!
  • 5 design pet peeves
  • 3 Photoshop/Illustrator tips & tricks I could never live without
  • The best piece of advice I’ve ever received
  • Something art-related few people know about about me

These topics are all just examples to get your gears turning. Don’t be afraid to write a piece based on a topic of your own creation! Anything that brings your own perspective on art to the table is fair game.

Tips to get published:

  • Shareability: Create shareable content. Would you want to read your work? We’ll be choosing pieces that our community wants to hear.
  • Kick-butt Headlines: It all starts with a strong headline. Make people want to click by using powerful, compelling titles that incite curiosity. When selecting, we’ll see your headline first, so make sure it grabs our our attention. (“Why I Still Can’t Stand The Smell of Paste” is a much more compelling headline than “My First Art Teacher”.)
  • Compelling Feature Images: This is similar to strong headlines. Use high quality images that catch the eye. This image will also be the thumbnail image when blogs are shared socially, so pick something that excites interest without revealing the whole story.
  • Great Images: Make your blog visual! Show examples of your work, doodles from your sketchbook, or any other relevant imagery that helps get your point across in a graphic way.
  • Credit Sources: If you use any ideas, photography, or art that is not yours, be sure to credit the owner (we can’t publish anything that isn’t yours without a proper credit).
  • Originality: What makes your content special is YOU. Make sure to bring your own fresh perspective to the table!
  • Beef up your profile: Add a photo and your social links to your blogger profile so we can tag you if we publish your art and share it on social media.

If your blog is published:

  • Stay in the conversation: Every blog has a comments thread beneath it. Keep checking back to respond to people and keep the convo going.
  • Share it on your own channels: Let’s get as many eyeballs as possible on your work. We’ll be promoting your work through our own channels, and would love for you to do the same.

Thanks again for contributing to the Threadless Blog! We can’t wait to see what you post! :)