Cheers to Beers!

By now you definitely know the name Nicholas “Gintron” Ginty. Maybe you know him from when he won this design challenge. Or this one. Or maybe this one. In any case, we feel like we should be cheers-ing him for his winning design for our “Cheers” challenge.


In honor of his mad winning streak, we decided to change up our interview style – a.k.a we ran out of questions we could possibly ask Gintron. So we asked him to respond to our questions with a gif!

If you’re in need of reaction gifs, look no further. Check out the interview with Gintron below (unless you have epilepsy…because WARNING, there are some flashy gifs down there, and we don’t mean fancy-flashy.)


.     .     .

Favorite robot from a movie, GO!

B.O.B! As a young boy I was big into The Black Hole, had the read-along record and book – dark stuff for a wee lad, no?


Favorite zombie movie!

I hate scary movies. So no 28 Days Later or anything – no thank you!


How does space make you feel?

Don’t get me started on space!


Congrats on another win! How does the winning streak feel?!

Oh man!…

excited-michigan-state-band-girl-college-basketball-fan-gifs_zps33367111 (1)

What’s your happy dance?

I have some pretty sweet robo-tronic moves, always wished it was like this (David Elsewhere):


What was it like creating this design?

I was running out of time to submit, I stayed up super late – TOTALLY WORTH IT!


What is the meaning of life?!

That’s easy – 42. I re-read my precious hard-cover collection of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide” series on the regs.


What’s your artistic process like?

It’s almost completely not unlike this:

Then this:



Gif of your own? 

I made this one at work – it’s my boy Jordan, and this get used a lot in the office…


You see a ghost – what do you do?

Not much – 0% belief in ghosts. What would they do all day? What would they be wearing?


Most importantly…favorite gif of all time?

This is tough! I’ve always really liked this one:


Favorite kind of beer?  

Easy – the best beer! A Canadian one. Cheers!



Shop the winning design!

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