Cold as Ice, But Lookin’ Nice: Cozy Layers and Essentials for Winter

A graphic tee is a great way to express your individuality, but what happens when the temperature drops and you have to layer up to stay warm? Does your individuality hibernate for the winter? It certainly doesn’t have to! At Threadless, you can find plenty of cozy layers and winter essentials emblazoned with designs from the artists you love. Here are some outfit ideas we curated to show that you can still express yourself in the dead of winter. Do these styles remind you of a friend or loved one? If so, these essentials might make the perfect holiday gifts!

1. “Not all heroes wear capes…but I do!”

If the whip-crack explosions in Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” don’t get you amped enough to crash through a glass roof and foil the plans of your arch nemesis, keep on scrolling. In a year as diabolical as 2020, the entire planet could use another hero. Search Threadless for superhero and comic designs, and assemble your own cold-resistant supersuit. You’ll need stretchy tights (leggings) for effortless karate kicks, headwear (neck gaiter) to conceal your identity, and a flowing cape (fleece blanket) that’ll look majestic as you run from explosions in slow motion.

2. “Oh come on…It’s not THAT cold.”

We all know that guy. He shovels his driveway in shorts and was the only one to survive that fateful mountain-climbing expedition in The Alps. We’re all pretty sure he ate Jeff. If you’re also impervious to the cold, we have good news! Threadless is your treasure trove for winter apparel. While everyone else freezes, you’ll look effortlessly cool donning a “Tropical Ice” tank top and “Wander” beanie, and sipping an ice-cold frappé from your “Okay” travel mug.

3. “Holy shit, it’s REALLY cold!”

If a slight breeze on a 75-degree day is your definition of sweater weather, you’re in big trouble once winter is in full swing. When it’s actually cold outside, you’ll want to do the “reverse onion peel.” Put on as many layers as possible and forget all of your character flaws so you can concentrate on being warm. Our “Talking Penguin” zip-up hoody and “Brain Freeze” scoopneck longsleeve will help heat up your core and let everyone know you’d rather be inside with a hot cocoa.

4. “Yeah, I listen to holiday music in July.”

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” can have two effects on a person. It can fill them with profound joy or make them toss a holiday tree through a department store window. If the song does the former for you, that probably means you love the holiday season. There’s no shame in that, and we have plenty of layers and winter essentials just for you! Belt out Mariah’s whistle notes while layering the “Jolly AF” baseball tee and passing out gifts from the “Gingerbread Cookies Christmas Pattern” tote.

5. “It’s the least wonderful time of the year.”

The holiday season isn’t all hugs and fond memories for everyone. Maybe you once ate a fruitcake that turned your stomach. Maybe the Elf on a Shelf doesn’t understand the concept of “snitches get stitches.” Whatever may have spoiled the holidays for you, you no longer need to be an unwilling participant. Use your heated disdain for the season to keep you warm during the winter months, and bundle up with the “Krampus” pullover hoody and “Nope” knit beanie.

6. “I’ll wear anything you give me.”

Some people just don’t like shopping for themselves. In fact, their entire wardrobe might consist entirely of gifted pieces, whether freebies or hand-me-downs. If you know anyone who fits that description, it’s time to get weird! Gift them winter-appropriate apparel such as pullover hoodies and socks, and have fun selecting designs that are strange, random, or wildly imaginative to really upgrade their style.

1. “Onto the Shore” Mens Pullover Hoody by mikekoubou, 2. “Millennial Snow(flake) Globe” Regular Mask by agrimony // Aaron Thong, 3. “Beer!” Snapback Cap by arzie13, 4. “Groovy Germs” Socks by Anna Lisa Illustration

When it comes to cozy layers and essentials for winter, this guide only shows the tip of the iceberg. From sweatshirts to mugs to fleece blankets, our community of Threadless artists delivers a wide array of giftable essentials for enduring the season’s inevitable chill.

Rafael Velez

Copywriter at Threadless. Lover of thin-crust pizza, heavy metal, and B horror movies. Food source for a husky and two cats.