Designs to Warm Up With When You’re Stuck Inside This Winter

Ahhh yes, winter time. Hot cocoa, warm blankets, crackling fireplaces…it’s full of things so cozy, we almost forget that outside our door lurks a frostbitten ice age-worthy Winterfell. Unless we’re talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze puns in Batman & Robin, winter is no laughing matter and can easily bring those of us in the chilly parts of the planet down this time of year. But you know what? As brutal as winter is, why not make the most of it (and perhaps channel it to create something for our Winter Challenge)! Here are a few designs to cuddle up with on our coziest products during the cold months!

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Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty

Tobias Teixeira da Fonseca

Cats Are Nice.

Joel Robinson



The Great Indoors

Katie Lukes

Quiet Night

Steven Rhodes

Adrift in the Mountains…



Fernando Cobelo’s Artist Shop

More Books

Printup’s Artist Shop

The Hanging City

Tang Yau Hoong

Forest Pattern

Katie Lukes

At the Record Store

Pigboom Kaboom

It’s Going to Snow

Trevor Ede

The Night Sky Maker

Andrew ColimdagliaDeer Prudence

Brian M. Kaiser


Lixin Wang

After People

Chris Williams

Silence of Nature


Stay Home. It’s Nice Here.

Starkle’s Artist Shop

Birds of a Feather

Ross Zietz

Cat Lover

Tobe Fonseca

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