Did Your Stars Predict The Right Winner?

The sun, moon, planets, and stars provide us much to wonder about. Is there life bouncing around up there? What other mysteries do we have yet to unveil? And mostly, can they really tell astrology_smallbanner_2the future or predict our personalities? Whether you base your everyday actions on the positioning of the planets or you think the entire idea of horoscopes is bunk, there’s no denying that astrology plays a big part in a variety of cultures. To see how you guys interpret it, we launched the Astrology design challenge, and this week announce the winner: SPYKEEE, for his design “Dreamers”! Read on to learn more about the artist and his winning design, and shop the brand new tee here.

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Congratulations on your winning “Dreamers” design for our Astrology challenge! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

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I’m Ralph Pykee Lambaco from Cebu City, Philippines. I work as a graphic artist, so most of my time is spent on graphic designing, otherwise playing computer games or music when I have spare time. I pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising for four years, but was not able to finish it due to financial problems. I decided to stop in order to provide for my parents and siblings, and fortunately have been able to help them pursue college with this talent. Being in college really helped me learn a lot in terms of graphic arts; that’s where you grow and meet a lot of talented people that could help you learn something valuable and useful for your future career. So, my best advice to all the young aspiring artists: learn to listen, learn from your mistakes, and don’t stop from doing what you love. Eventually you’ll get there.

Are you the kind of guy that reads his horoscope every day?

Nope, I trust my own instincts.

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What sign are you? Does your personality match the typical characteristics associated with your sign?

I’m Sagittarius. Maybe; I’ve read horoscopes before in newspapers which stated that people born under the Sagittarius sign are typically great providers, very highly attracted to girls, and humble. Haha, why not?

Do you believe the sun, moon, and stars can truly predict our days/futures/relationships, etc.?

Definitely not; for me, It depends on what choices we make. You choose to be someone or something, and either way it all depends on the work you put in to get the results. If you’re not exerting a lot of effort in your life and keep on being miserable, then life can hit you hard. The sun, moon, and the stars doesn’t have anything to do with you.

Why did you feel inspired to enter this challenge?

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I just felt the urge to try and accept this challenge to see If I still have it.

When considering the vast world of astrology, what in particular influenced your final concept?

Actually, I didn’t have any particular influence when I made this. I followed my creative instinct and came up with something that is always beautiful; when you look at it, it feels like it has a story behind it.

What’s the meaning behind your winning design?

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It’s about Leo and Virgo. Leo signifies as fire or the sun, while Virgo is for me an Earth sign. Although both of them had their own differences, they still work perfectly for each other and they make a wonderful love match when each partner warms up to the other’s unfamiliar style.

Would you mind taking us through the creation of your design? (Feel free to share any WIP’s, if possible!)

First, I make some draft sketches for the design concept. It doesn’t need to be good; it’s still a concept, and I’ll be re-inking it anyway.

1st Illustration

Second, I make the flats, which are literally completely flat without shadow, textures, or gradients. I often use this as a guide to see how the design would look on different color backgrounds. It also helps organize layers for each object that will be rendered.

2nd Flats

3rd Astrology Symbols

Next, I add elements like stars, meteors, UFO’s, or whatever. This depends on personal taste, but I add enough to make my eyes satisfied without overdoing it.

4th Stars and ufo's copy2

Then I render shadows and highlights to make the design come to life. This is the part where I don’t hold back my creative imagination and have fun with it.

5th Tones and highlights copy2

Lastly, I add a couple of changes here and there until I’m done!

Final Product copy2

According to SPYKEE the astrologist, what does the world have in store?

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Life is too short! Grab this awesome astrology shirt now; we never know what our future brings.

Any other shout-outs?

I just wanna say thanks to all the people who supported and funded my design; I really truly appreciate all the votes and the comments. I hope you guys still support me for my next designs, and I promise to do my best to give you some more good stuff to wear!

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