Didn’t Get What You Wanted for Xmas? Shop Pins, Patches & Stickers While They Last!

Didn’t get exactly what you wanted this year? Totally forgot to get a gift for that second cousin you see every six years? Just want to treat yo’self with that holiday cash you’re rollin’ in?

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice all year, we don’t always get what we want for the holidays. But now, you can get gifts for yourself without feeling guilty about it! And with our pins, patches, and stickers supplies dwindling, if you saw any items you wanted to snag but couldn’t while gift shopping (or if you promised that cousin you forgot, “uhhh, your gift is still in the mail!”), now’s your chance to get ‘em while you still can!

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It’s so hard to give pins to people. Not because it’s hard to find pins our loved ones will love, that part’s easy. It’s giving pins away that puts us in a moral dilemma of, “do I give this away…or keep it for myself?” But now that it’s the post-holidays, you don’t have to choose!


Stuff your own stockings with the pin-ified version of some of our favorite tee designs (although we don’t recommend actually stuffing your socks with pins, that sounds like it could get painful). Pin ‘em on your shirt, on your sleeves as (very) makeshift cufflinks, on your tote bags and pouches, or you can even just display them on cork board and make a DIY pin art piece!

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Whether you got a rad jean jacket for the holidays or a super boring bag, patches are always a rad way to add an artsy edge and a personal touch to your style.

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Put a bird on it! Or a cat. Or a Game of Thrones reference. Whatever you decide, stick it to the man by sticking your favorite designs all over your life with sticker packs by a few Threadless artists you’ll definitely recognize!


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