Dive Into the Top Designs of 2018!

It’s that time of the year again… the end of it! We are definitely ready to say goodbye to 2018 and more importantly H-E-L-L-O to 2019. The new year always brings opportunities, inspiration, and a fresh chance to do all the things you didn’t do the year before. Who’s ready for karaoke in a hot air balloon? (raises hand) Seriously, though. We’ve seen some incredible art submitted this past year. You folks blew our minds! More than 460 designs dropped in our catalog over the last twelve months and that’s certainly something to celebrate. To all our Artist Shop owners, design challenge winners, and the rest of you that make, create, and submit so many remarkable designs; thank you. You are Threadless. You make the ideas, you pick what we sell, you’re why we exist. 

From demon cats to star trails, let’s raise a glass and toast the top 10 designs submitted and printed in 2018.

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#10: “A Cure for Stupid People by Steven Rhodes

#9 “Visit Hogsmeade” by Mathiole

#8 “Tokyo Zoo” by Michael Buxton

#7 “The Girl in the Red Forest” by Dandingeroz

#6 “Unexpected Encounter” by Rayo Denanda

#5 “Star Trails” by Aparaat

#4 “Bike Dreams” by Lisa Sundin

#3 “Bowserzilla” by Ilustrata

#2 “Worship Coffee” by Steven Rhodes

#1 “Caring for your Demon Cat” by Steven Rhodes

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