Doodle Through 2015 With Luis Romero

Threadstaffer and printed artist Luis Romero has a goal this year – doodle his way through every kooky/zany/crazy/WTF/off-the-wall holiday of 2015. Quite the task, huh? Luckily for Luis, the Threadless 2015 Daily Calendar is a great resource to discover your new favorite goofy holidays, and it’s currently on sale for $10 (plus, save $10 on orders over $60 when you add a calendar to your cart)! Using the hashtag #tinydailies, Luis has already compiled quite the collection of holiday-themed doodles on his Instagram account, and we haven’t even made it to February yet!

After your done checking out Luis’ doodles, head over and follow his Instagram account to watch this year-long project unfold!

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Jake Nickell

Founder & CEO at Threadless. Also sometimes known as the Coolest Dude on Earth. (For SEO purposes.)