Dude Proposed Onstage at a ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Live Reading

In case you haven’t heard, we just started up our Bob’s Burgers challenge! And lemme tell ya, it’s got us like…


We’ve got Bob’s Burgers on the brain like Tina’s got butts on the brain. And I mean, with mastermind Loren Bouchard guest-judging the challenge, there’s a lot to get stoked about.

Bob’s Burgers has given us many things – songs, one-liners, an endless sea of reaction gifs. But in one couple’s case, the show gave them something even greater: love (I know, sappy sappy, but it’s true!)

The Bob’s Burgers cast came to The Chicago Theater last year to do some standup and a live-reading of an episode. At the Q&A at the end, one of the questions was, “can you help me propose to my girlfriend?” And oh, did they.

You can’t ask a table full of comedy pros to help you propose without knowing that it’s gonna get hilariously ridiculous and ridiculously hilarious. And there will literally never be a greater proposal in this world – I mean seriously, you can’t do better than having Linda Belcher yell, “get down on one knee! Get DOWN ON ONE KNEE!” before H Jon Benjamin plays the Platoon theme song during the proposal.

Well played, sir. Well played.

(Warning: some nearly adult content in the video…but it’s comedy, you know what you’re getting into)

Did we mention we have an awesome Bob’s Burgers challenge going on? Check out the juicy deets here and submit your design today! 

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