Enter the Dribbble & Threadless Artist Shop Playoff!

Hey guys, ready for some super exciting news? In celebration of our latest endeavor, Artist Shops, we’ve teamed up with the awesome folks at Dribbble to launch a totally cool challenge: the Dribbble & Threadless Artist Shop Playoff! Consisting of seven rounds extending through November 1 (with the first one live NOW!), this contest sends participants on an inspiring mission: create a design you’d love to sell in your own Artist Shop!

Are there great prizes? Of course! Every two weeks, Dribbble and Threadless will select a new winner, who will be handsomely rewarded with early access to their Artist Shop, individual shop promotion by Threadless and Dribbble, and $1,000 cash!


How do you enter? It’s easy! Simply reserve your Artist Shop here (don’t forget, reserving your shop now means we’ll double your first $1,000 in earnings!), then learn more and enter the playoff here!

And wait, there’s more! First of all, we’ve compiled a super special Dribbble x Threadless Artist Shop featuring awesome designs created by the Dribbble community, so you can scoop up cool new tees, hoodies, and phone cases! Secondly, to celebrate the first half of the playoff, we’ll be hosting a Dribbble meetup at our Threadless Chicago headquarters on September 16 – and everyone’s invited! Activities will include live drawing, Artist Shop tutorials, a live Periscope feed of the event, and more. Now really, is there a better way to spend your Wednesday evening?

So, net net? Reserve your shop here, enter the Dribbble & Threadless Artist Shop Playoff here, shop cool new Dribbble x Threadless Artist Shop designs here, and stay tuned for more details on the event in September! We can’t wait to see all the awesomeness you guys create!

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Shawn Gauthier

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