Explore Type Through Wood, Paper, And…Nail Polish?

The 6th Installment of typography showcase TYPEFORCE opened on February 13th in Chicago. A diverse collection of 25+ pieces brought to life many fascinating elements of typography through sculpture, paint, paper art, woodworking and more. A few interactive pieces let gallery visitors explore the power of good kerning and the artfulness of each character. Check out a few of the pieces below and visit the closing ceremony and book release party on February 26th to check out the entire collection, letter by letter.

“Kerning Makes All The Difference.” An interactive piece by Stephanie J Kim and Kara J Coyle


“Everyone Makes Mistakes” by Matthew Hoffman. A collection birchwood laser cut 8″ miniatures and one giant 12′ piece that all feature the same message: Everyone Makes.
Created by Tom Maher with three-quarter inch stained and polyurethaned baltic birch plywood
Handwritten with ink, nail polish, paper, tape and tacks by Danielle Wagner

If you’re around Chicago, check out the entire gallery at the closing ceremony and book release party. To satisfy your type fix now, click below to check out Threadless typography tees.

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