Face Masks & T-Shirts: 13 Awesome Matches!

Face Mask and T-shirt from Threadless

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a super intense year. We’re all doing the best we can to stay positive, protect ourselves and others, and try and learn how to exist in this new world. 

Wearing a face mask is still a practice folks are getting used to, so we put together this list of 13 Face Mask and T-shirt designs to help you express yourself and get through the rest of the year, in style. 

Here’s to protecting yourself and looking good doing it!

1. The “I only put makeup on the top half of my face” look

Have you ever heard the saying, “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, will it make a sound?” The same idea applies with this look. Like, why bother putting in 100% effort when only 50% is getting appreciated? So throw on your eyeliner, this “Purple Blush” face mask and this “Purple Crying Comic Girl” long sleeve t-shirt and get out there. Your makeup sitch will be our little secret.

Purple Comic Crying Girl” by turddemon and “Purple Blush Face” by Electric Press

2. The “look, but don’t touch” look

Right now is the time where you can be selfish about who and what gets near you. You want something that screams, “I’m the Mona Lisa. Get too close and you’ll be banned for life,” right? We gotchu. With this “Shark Teeth” face mask and “Stop Man” t-shirt combo, you can send a clear message that you want to be appreciated and acknowledged from at least 6 feet away. *Air high five*

Shark Teeth” by Tato and “Stop Man” by Teexethree

3. The “I want to pet your dog, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to” look

There are plenty of rules that we have to abide by. But there haven’t been any rules about petting puppers. Like, if I see a cute dog coming near me, am I allowed to pet it? With this look, we want all dog owners to know what’s really going on in our minds. This “Here for the Dogsface mask and t-shirt combo asks the simple question, “can I pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseeeeee pet your dog?” Get out there and *safely* pet some pups!

“I’m Here for the Dogs” T-Shirt and Regular Face Mask by 5 Eye Studio

4. The “I need to go for a walk or I am gonna lose my mind” look

Speaking of dogs, we’re all basically turning into them. We eat a ton, we sleep even more, and the highlight of our day is going out for a walk. Woof, are things really getting that tough? Grab a “Sun Worshipper” face mask and “walking” baseball tee, lace up your shoes, and enjoy your daily stroll. Just remember, you’re not a dog so you can’t pee on your annoying neighbor’s lawn no matter what your roommates say.

Sun Worshipper” by the Paper Crane and “Walking” by ilustralibrestudio

5. The “going grocery shopping is the only time I feel like a human” look

For a lot of us, the only time we venture from the comfort of our own home is to restock the fridge. But with any errand, the fear of running into someone you know – say, your boss or your ex – is real. You don’t want to be caught wearing an old college tee with a bandana. Add this “Hello Fellow Human” face mask and this “Bobshopping” t-shirt to your shopping list and crush those errands like a real human adult would!

Bobshopping” by Mike Harding and “Hello Fellow Human” by doodletoots

6. The “social distance, but make it fashion” look

Since you have to wear a mask out, may as well make it look gewd! What’s more fashionable than having a matching face mask and t-shirts? Show off your fashion sense in “O Ginkgo” by Littleclyde Illustration on a Regular Mask or T-Shirt. Whatever the occasion is, you want to turn heads, make a statement, and be ready for any photo ops. Get out there and strut your stuff! Just don’t forget to French tuck.

O Ginkgo” on a Regular Face Mask and a Regular Tee by Littleclyde Illustration

7. The “I’m okay, I’m just trying to flirt” look 

Want to give a more “hey, I’m single” vibe while wearing a mask? We don’t blame you. Not being able to show your smile to that cute barista is a real bummer! What are you supposed to do? Flirt with your eyebrows? Write your number on your forehead? You can try that, or you could try this “Hi” face mask and “Mr and Mrs” t-shirt pair. You’ll have to think of the pickup lines though.

Mr. and Mrs.” by Trabu and “Hi” by Vo Maria

8. The “I have a face mask tan line and I’m trying to hide it” look

Now that some parks and beaches are open, you may find yourself going outside to enjoy some sunshine. But lo and behold, you have one of the funniest tan lines you’ve ever seen. So now you have one of two options, try to make the half n’ half tan work, or go with this “Sunburn” face mask and “Burns Easily” t-shirt combo. While we can’t fix that tan, we can help distract the fact that your face looks like a sunset. Just, please remember to wear sunscreen next time.

Burns Easily” by Nick Frisoli and “Sunburn” by badbasilisk

9. The “flying home to see your parents” look

Activate airplane mode. Sorry, was that a bad pun? Anyway. The day is going to come when you’ll have to brave the airport again to travel back home. When you do go, make sure you travel safe and stylish with this “Flight” face mask and “Airplane Wearing Mask” t-shirt combo. We think it’ll make your trip just a little better – hoping that you don’t get stuck in the middle seat.

Flight” by Trabu and “Airplane Wearing Mask Flying Cartoon” by patrimonio

10. The “first date I’ve had in person in over 5 months” look

If the above worked for you, you might want to read this one next. So, you’re going on a date. Like a date-date. Not a “oh it’s just a video call where I can control the lighting to make sure I look great no matter what” date. You’re actually going out to see someone and socialize. Well, I know you def don’t want to screw this up, so you need to show off your funny personality and devilishly good looks right off the bat. First impressions matter, you know? I guarantee  this “Rosie” face mask and “Skull with Red Rose” t-shirt combo will definitely land you a second date.  

**Okay, so I was just told we can’t say that our masks and t-shirts guarantee a second date. But I can say that we guarantee they’ll remember what you were wearing.

Rosie” by danilopezstudio and “Skull and Red Rose” by Lena Graphic

11. The “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” look

You know your kids are the best, right? Make other parents jealous that their kids aren’t as cute and cool as yours by getting this “Father Grows Best” face mask and “Dad” t-shirt for you and this “Wild Child” face mask and “Space Surfer” for your kid. No parent-kid combo will ever come to take your spot on the coolness throne ever again.

Also, we love this kind of stuff. Make sure you tag us on social so we can see how cute y’all look.

Dad” by mighteeshirts, “Father Grows Best!” by Spacesick, “Wild Child” by cabinsupplyco, “Space Surfer” by Tri Agus Nuradhim

12. The “flex on ’em” look

Home workouts not enough for you? We don’t blame you. There’s something about having your TV yell at you while using your dog as a stand-in bench press that doesn’t feel like working out. Lucky for you, gyms are starting to open up again, which means you can get back on your grind. Next time you hit the gym, make sure you’re wearing this “Strongman” face mask and “I Have the Power” t-shirt so people know what you’re all about.

I Have the Power” by thomastees and “Strongman” by badbasilisk

13. The “God, I can’t wait for 2020 to be over” look

We all had high hopes for this year. But just like your 20’s, it never goes as planned. I think it’s safe to say we’re ready for ‘21. And just like your 21st birthday, you want to forget whatever happened the night before. The good news is that we’re all in this together. Show your support of “2020 sucks” by dawning this “Dumpster Fire” face mask and “Social Distancing Champion” t-shirt pair and let’s ride this year out in style.

Dumpster Fire 2020” by Rocketman and “Social Distancing Champion 2020” by Gintron

We’ve only just scratched the surface of the never-before experienced weird moments that might happen out there every day. We may never know all of them. But we do know that there’s a Face Mask and T-shirt combo to prepare you for every single one. Find your look, stay safe, and look great.

Featuring “Sun Face Face Mask by Electric Press and Cacti Land Cut & Sew Tee by mukta lata barua