Fashion’s Best Return: Introducing the Parsons Artist Shop!

After a successful design challenge with Parsons School of Design and their incredibly talented students, we’re thrilled to announce Parsons has officially opened their own Artist Shop! Stocked with 22 designs, the shop is loaded is with the most fashion forward looks to keep you effortlessly on trend (of course). Curious about how these super savvy students see the basic tee within the larger realm of fashion, we asked the artists behind the designs to explain the role of the t-shirt within today’s style. Read on to find out their answers, and check out the entire collection at the Parsons School of Design Artist Shop here!

“Don’t be a Square” by Madison Carr. Available for purchase here.

The t-shirt is a fashion symbol. It’s a classic. It can speak very loudly about whatever message it’s trying to send; it can be bold, sarcastic, angry, hilarious, thought provoking, or even say nothing at all. That’s a lot of options for such a simple garment. – artist Madison Carr

“Hand as Words” by Xue Shuai. Available for purchase here.

The t-shirt is an essential part of fashion. It can be a basic under layer, or it can be the piece that makes the whole look. Even more classic than the “little black dress”,  the t-shirt has unlimited potential. It is the blank canvas for designers to unleash their creativity. – artist Xue Shuai

“Drown” by Yingyun Tao. Available for purchase here.

Personally, I think the t-shirt acts like a simple and casual way to make a personal statement to the public. It is the most common way to show one’s taste in fashion since it can be worn every day and in every place. – artist Yingyun Tao

“Still Life” by artist Kangmin Lee. Available for purchase here.

The t-shirt is a staple in fashion. It’s an iconic form with which designers have experimented, changed, and renewed through their own interpretations. It is also a universal garment that can evoke so many different meanings in its pairings. – artist Kangmin Lee 

“Magic Stars” by Ji Yun Kim. Available for purchase here.

I think that the t-shirt is a foundation in fashion, and designing a t-shirt is a special thing to lay the foundational stone of new fashion. – artist Ji Yun Kim

“City Beats” by Elli Kunz. Available for purchase here.

The t-shirt has been a staple in men and women’s wardrobes for decades. The wear and shape of the classic t-shirt allows consumers and designers alike to contribute their own design and self-expression. Whether the shirt is cropped or oversized, it always holds a place in a wearer’s daily routine of dressing. The t-shirt has inspired generations of music, art and, of course, fashion in its ability to communicate statements of expression to the world. – artist Elli Kunz 

“Neck” by Pan Jin. Available for purchase here.

I wish to explore the juxtaposition between human and nature, organic and man-made through this particular print and t-shirt, and celebrate the beauty within. – artist Pan Jin

“The Weight of Fashion” by Min Young Jung. Available for purchase here.

The t-shirt is an item that everyone owns in their closet. It’s easy to wear, accessible, and most importantly, diverse. A t-shirt’s diversity and versatility allows everyone to project their personality, allowing more room for creativity in fashion. – artist Min Young Jung

“X-Ray Vision” by Kelly Bu. Available for purchase here.

A bold, graphic t-shirt can loudly communicate its owner’s personality in the blink of an eye. – artist Kelly Bu

“Identity” by Yoonkyeong Hwang. Available for purchase here.

A basic t-shirt is like a blank canvas on which I can express my thoughts and feelings. This serves me greatly, especially because I am not only a fashion designer, but also an artist who likes to integrate my artwork into my garments. – artist Yoonkyeong Hwang 

“Gold-En Boys” by Sablá Stays. Available for purchase here.

It’s one of those tees that you can either buy because you’re attracted to the image, or because you really take the time to understand what it means, drawing you in more to wanting to wear it. It’s a cultivation of my personal explorations of hip hop, collage, family, identity, and African masquerade dance. – artist Sablá Stays 

Shop the Parsons Artist Shop here!

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