Fawn Over Maggie Sichter’s Flora and Fauna Art

I don’t know about you, but personally? This writer isn’t very good at keeping plants alive. Even succulents – the hardiest of indoor foliage – wilt under my not-so-green thumb. That’s why I love botanical illustrations; they add blooming plants and flowers to a room with none of the (botched) care. And artist Maggie Sichter (aka Little Patterns) creates botanical illustrations that are absolutely stunning.

Via Maggie’s Instagram.

This Chicago-based artist is an Art Director by trade whose beautiful (and insanely intricate) botanical illustrations have become her staple and style. Many of her designs blend the organic nature of botanical art with geometric shapes for stunning results that make her Instagram and Artist Shop alike insanely addicting to scroll through.

The WIP of the design “Beetles” (via her Instagram).

We love this fellow Chicagoan and her style. Check out more of her designs below, and check out her Artist Shop right here!

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(Buy it here!)

“Wild at Heart – Color”

(Buy it here!)

“Classic Floral (light)”

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(Buy it here!)

“Reflection (light)”

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