Feel the Love, Man: Check Out the “Good Vibes” Winner!

🎶WHOO! I feeeeeel good!🎶 Whether it’s putting on your “feel good” playlist or just letting the good times roll with some friends, we all need a good vibes pick-me-up every once in awhile. And the winner of our “good vibes” challenge, Jorge Lopez Ramirez (@expo), created a design that will leave you feelin’ the love.

We talked to Jorge about this design, what it was like seeing his designs on Big Bang Theory and The Flash, and about spreadin’ some good vibes. Check it out!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself! Where are you from? What do you do? If you could see a concert in space, what group would you want to see? (Even though space is silent!)

Guadalajara, México. I do music and graphics. And definitely Pink Floyd.

Cisco on The Flash wearing “Last Night” and Sheldon on Big Bang Theory wearing two different versions of “Music City“.

This is your first challenge win (congrats!), but your printed designs have also been featured on The Big Bang Theory and The Flash! What was it like seeing your designs on TV? (And which one were you most excited about?)

It was amazing, totally wicked. And the Big Bang Theory totally, I’m big fan of those guys.

“Cosmic Wormhole” – Check it out, Marty!

If you could have a character wear one of your designs in a TV show or movie, who would you want it to be (and which design)?

Marty Mcfly wearing “Cosmic Wormhole”.

The winning design of the ‘Good Vibes’ challenge – “Peace and Love” – in action! #friendship

Awesome. Onto the winning design! What attracted you to the ‘Good Vibes’ challenge?

The theme.

How do YOU get Good Vibes?

Giving out good vibes.

“Peace & Love” on a few products meant to spread good vibes wherever you go!

You have an Artist Shop too! How did you pick which designs to fill it with?

“Color Symphony” from Jorge’s Artist Shop.

Carefully; I want my store to reflect myself.

It seems like music and space are big influences on you. What kind of music gets you in the art zone?

Any kind, really. Ambient, Rock and Roll, any kind of Electronica, but must be music.

You have a few designs with a paint splatter look to them – do you sometimes use traditional paint? What medium do you typically use?

Just a few times really. I started as a kid with traditional painting but not anymore. Pencil, paper, ink pens and Photoshop.


I love how your designs range from trippy and artistic to adorable and cute – what inspires you and your art?

Everything really, I can’t say one or just a few things cause there are many many things that inspire me, from places to persons, music, images, moments or things and images that don’t exist and I want them to exist.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Thanks, gracias. (o;


Shop the “Good Vibes” winner here!

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