Felix: The ORIGINAL Famous Cat

When you picture old – like, really old – cartoons, there are usually two that come to mind: Steamboat Willie and Felix the cat.


Grumpy Cat, Lil’ Bub, and Keyboard Cat got nothin’ on Felix. Created in the 1920s, Felix was famous before today’s super famous felines even existed. But even after almost 100 years, Felix is still a recognizable face. And Spykeee’s winning design from our Felix challenge is as much playfully nostalgic as it is an homage.

We talked to Spykeee about his winning design, favorite cartoon character, and why Felix has remained such an important character. Check out his answers below!

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Congrats on winning almost back-to-back challenges! Excited?

Still overwhelmed, really. I was not expecting it.

The past two challenges you won are both based on classic cartoons and toys – Is there a certain nostalgia that comes with that?

It took me back to my childhood, definitely. It opens numerous topics for conversations; like what I used to watch (other than the ones mentioned) and what I used to enjoy back in the day.

Left: “Trolling” | Right: “Famous Cat

Who are the “audience members” in your design?

I actually watched Felix the Cat while designing and used some of the background characters.

“Famous Cat”

What do you think it is about Felix that has allowed him to remain such an iconic character for all of these years?

I think it is how he looks like. He is quite unique yet very relatable regardless of audience and period of time.

“Famous Cat”

Were you a big Felix the Cat fan before this challenge?

Not that big of a fan but I definitely know him. I used to draw him a lot when I was younger. How he looks is very iconic and memorable.

Flip the Frog in the 1930 animation, “Fiddlesticks

What’s your favorite cartoon character of all time and why?

Flip the Frog.  He reminds me of myself. He is very funny. The cartoon’s animation was ahead of its time; that is why I remember it very well.

Most of your designs have a darker style to them. Was this a bit of an artistic challenge for you or is your style pretty flexible?

When it comes to my art style, yes; I am very flexible. It depends on my mood and the final output I have planned.

Top: “Planet X,” “Rotten” | Bottom: “The Fleet,” “Everything Breaks


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