Find Your Chill With the Winner of Our “Hats 2” Challenge!

How do YOU banish your worries? With chill music? Drawing? Singing “Hakuna Matata” on repeat in the shower? Finding your chill can turn a frown upside down. And the winner of our Hats 2 challenge is creating some chill vibes by throwing some literal shade on our nerves. Cody Weiler (@csweiler) created a design that serves as the perfect reminder to 🎶don’t worry, be happy🎶 and to slow down that anxious brain. We talked to Cody all about the process behind this design, this win, and about his NEW PUPPY (very important). Keep calm, don’t worry about a thing, and get to know him!

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First things first, what have you been up to lately!

Well…most notably, my fiance and I just got a puppy! It’s been a bit of an adjustment for us, but really fun so far. Here’s a photo of our pup, Little Jerry Seinfeld:

PUPPER! Ahem…I love the chill message of this design – how do you get into a calm mindset when the going gets anxious?

Thanks! I’m a pretty anxious person in general, so I have to constantly remind myself to relax. Listening to some chill music or a low key, non-political podcast can turn your mood around pretty quickly.

No Worries” on a Dad Hat.

How did you come up with this design?

A lot of my designs are a typographic twist on common imagery or symbology. Obviously, the smiley face is one of the most iconic images in our culture. I thought it would be fun to give a double hit of positivity by forming the positive message (‘No Worries’) into the positive imagery of a smiley face.

No Worries” on just a few products! Top row: men’s tank, framed art print, and snapback hat. | Bottom row: latte mug, phone case, and weekender bag.

You’ve experimented with this style a few times on Instagram! Is this a series of sorts?

I guess it is becoming a sort of series. I actually have a list of ideas for similar smiley/type designs that I’d still like to do. Just trying to space them out so people don’t get sick of them.

Three variations on this smile + typography design (via Instagram).

Your output is super high! How often are you creating new designs?

It’s gotten kind of obsessive haha. I try to post something new almost every day on Instagram, which translates to a lot of time thinking of and executing ideas. Sometimes I’ll do a few designs in one sitting, but for the most part, I’m working on new stuff at least a few hours per night (once I get home from my day job as an Art Director).

Beat the Devil Out of It

What’s been inspiring you lately?

I’ve been very into 1970s packaging and advertising lately. The typefaces, colors, and illustrations are often super kitschy, but somehow it all works together. Also, I’m a sucker for anything and everything nostalgic.

Live Noods

Does your logo/graphic design work fuel the art you do for fun and vice versa?

The art that I make just for fun is usually the most rewarding. Not always financially, of course, but I feel the most creatively fulfilled when I’m able to think of and execute an idea that was all my own. Client work is great (and helps pay the bills), but ultimately nobody likes being told what to do. In a perfect world, I’d be able to make a living selling my own artwork, and that’s hopefully what I’m working toward.

Cut Loose

What’s your creative philosophy?

Oh man…I’m not sure I’m deep enough to come up with my own succinct creative philosophy. But I’ve always been attracted to this quote from Maya Angelou: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” The more I think about and create new ideas, the more I want to continue doing so.

Dangerous Cheese

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just want to thank everyone on Threadless for the support over the past couple of years. To everyone voting, commenting, and ultimately purchasing my designs, THANK YOU! I’m so honored to be able to make things that people actually enjoy.

See more of the winning design! 

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