Five Tips to Make Your Space Cozy Heading into Winter

It’s that time of the fall when you start to notice the telltale signs of winter creeping in. You know, the sun sets earlier and earlier, that light jacket isn’t cutting it anymore, and every food or drink you can imagine is available in pumpkin AND egg nog flavor. No need to fight it, winter’s around the corner. 

With plenty of daylight still on your side, now’s the perfect time to get your inside spaces prepped for the upcoming months. We’re talking about an entryway that’s ready for the onslaught of coats and boots; a kitchen that’s warm and functional; a bedroom that’s cozy and well lit; and living spaces full of extra touches that feel lived-in and loved. Why not follow the Danish example and bring more hygge into your daily life? Take a look at our five tips for making your spaces extra cozy before the snow starts falling (and you’re stuck in your house all winter long). 

Curate Your Style 

Curate your style with cozy home decor.
Use framed prints, art prints, fun rugs, and blankets to spice up your space.

Find wall art that speaks to your unique style. Especially when winter hits, you’re gonna want sunny, spunky reminders of things you love to do and art that inspires you. Mix up your walls with some typography (maybe there are some playful swear words in there, but these prints are mostly positive). Get colorful, funky rugs to physically warm up your feet on bare floors. Pile up extra blankets in sitting areas, so it’s easy to grab a fuzzy fleece-lined blanket or sherpa-style blanket when you’re cozying up for the evening.  

Warm Your Room with Cool Colors and Soft Light 

Cozy winter bedroom vibes
Cozy, cool duvets and pillows are perfect for winter vibes.

It seems counterintuitive, but cool-colored bedding like sheets and duvets in blues, grays, and purples makes the room even cozier when lit with soft lights. Get simple bedside lamps for your night stands and turn off the overhead light as you settle in for the eve. 

Add Plants and Pillows 

Match art with your bedding theme.
Hang canvas art that matches the theme of your duvet and pillows.

Plants are a must-have to make it through the snowy winter. Decorate your bedroom with as many houseplants as can comfortably fit. When it’s dark and dreary for those deep winter months, you’ll be glad you have some living greenery to cheer you up. Match your plants with pillows (floral everything!) and don’t be afraid to keep the nature theme alive in the framed art and canvas prints on your walls.    

Make Cozy Nooks 

Add blankets and art to unused space to make a cozy nook.
Tapestries and fleece blankets turn unused space into a warm hangout.

There’s no such thing as extra space when winter hits. Every inch of your home is useful. Turn a corner and empty wall into a reading nook with a simple bench, rug, piles of blankets, pillows, and tapestries. You’ll be surprised how refreshing a corner of your home can feel like an entirely new hangout, especially when you need a little extra space from those you share your home with (animal roommates count).  

Did We Mention Pillows? 

Pile of pillows
Jump into maximum cozy with a pile of pillows!

We can’t emphasize enough how pillows pump up the cozy factor in any living space. Try a mix of sizes for your couches, reading chairs, and even floor spaces. Then throw down a rug and pile pillows around a low coffee table and you have a new card playing, board game, puzzle spot. 

Embrace your indoor space this winter with a handful of easy ideas to warm up the different areas of your home. Head into this winter with a positive outlook, and we’ll see you again next spring. Ready, set, hibernate! 

Sarah Fischer

Doting on my house plants is how I fill my time when I'm not writing, reading, running or playing with my darling cats, Evelyn and Charlie. In a past life, if any of us live more than once, I might have been a French poet or horticulturalist. Powered by: beautiful cake, morning sunlight and black coffee.