Friday Features: And the Proceeds Go to…

Art is a powerful thing. It’s like they say: ‘Earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh.’ But art can also be used to unite people and provide support in profound ways that are more than just design-deep. Artist Shops have been used in a number of unique ways, and we noticed a few Artist Shop owners who are using the proceeds from some of their designs to donate to and support causes and non-profits they want to help out. Check ’em out!

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“Work! Fight! Resist! Persist!” | Ming Doyle’s Artist Shop

“Pussy Hats on the March” | Ceci Bow’s Artist Shop

The “Has Heart” Artist Shop

Has Heart is a nonprofit that pairs veterans with artists to provide them with a creative outlet. Check out more about what they do!

“Can’t Grab THIS!” | Popidiot’s Artist Shop (tee designed by Robert Meganck)

“Women’s ‘Great Together’ Shirt (dark)” | The Things Made Good Artist Shop

The Happy Bombs Artist Shop

Happy Bombs donates their proceeds from designs in their Shop to various non-profits – check out their causes!

“Skullvaries” | Matt W. Haas’s Artist Shop

Artist will donate proceeds from this shirt to Planned Parenthood.

“N.W.U (Nasty Women United) | The Nasty Women United Shop

“Marked+Slogan(W)” | Elena S.’s Artist Shop

“Safety Pin (v2)” | Lamantia’s Artist Shop

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