Friday Features: Black and White and Rad All Over

Nothing is ever as simple as “black and white”…unless we’re talkin’ about art, that is. There’s an art to simplicity. And from black and white movies to photography, some of the most interesting art is the kind that uses just the two simplest non-colors we have at our artistic disposal. Here are 16 designs from Artist Shops that harness the power of darkness and light as their lack-of-color palette…and that, y’know, just look dang cool. Check ’em out!

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“Fatty Cat” | Haypeep’s Artist Shop

“Sad Love Song” | Skullpel Illustrations

“Print is Dead” | Mr. Chillustrator’s Artist Shop

“Inside Ya” | Grooseling’s Artist Shop

“Covered” | Michael Sieben’s Artist Shop

“Empty Inside” | Dontra’s Artist Shop

“Eye on You” | Garbage Party’s Artist Shop

“Cat Got Your Soul?” | Obinsun’s Artist Shop

“The Universe Salutes You” | James Victore’s Artist Shop

“Eat the Rich” | Wotto’s Artist Shop

“Squeegee Hands” | Haypeep’s Artist Shop

“Bruiser” | Chuck Palahniuk’s Artist Shop

“Winter Essentials” | Cheers, Friends’ Artist Shop

“They Want Us” | 38Sunsets’ Artist Shop

“Eye Spy” | Earth to Monica’s Artist Shop

“BARF” | Haypeep’s Artist Shop

Know of any B & W designs that we missed? HAVE any B & W designs that we missed? Link ’em in the comments!

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