Friday Features: Love is in the Air

It may still be too cold for the literal birds and bees to be out and about, but with February 14th just around the corner love is most certainly in the air!And from Tara McPherson’s Valentine’s Day collection to cuddle-worthy pugs to anatomical hearts, our artists are spreading the love. Here are 10 Artist Shop designs that you’ll heart! 

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“Supernova” | Tara McPherson’s Artist Shop

“Grey Fox” | Sasha Unisex’s Artist Shop

“The Chemistry of Love” | I Love Doodle’s Artist Shop

“Skeleton Heart” | Tara McPherson’s Artist Shop

“Pug Hugs” | Hue Bucket’s Artist Shop

“I Love Uuuuuuuu” | I Love Doodle’s Artist Shop

“HEART TEE” | Strange Fiction’s Artist Shop

“Jailbreak” | Tara McPherson’s Artist Shop

“Huge Heart” | Hue Bucket’s Artist Shop

“Cuddle Now” | Hue Bucket’s Artist Shop


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