Friday Features: Mugs, Notebooks, and Phone Cases We’re Obsessed With

When Artist Shops launched mugs, notebooks, and phone cases recently, we couldn’t wait to see how artists were going to use these cool new products in their Shops. And if we said the launch wasn’t followed by us eagerly sitting at our desks, scouring social media to see who was adding their art to mugs, notebooks, and phone cases, we’d be lyin’.

Here are juuust a few Artist Shops who have added their art to these exciting new products. Check ’em out!

.     .     .

“The Ordinary Young Man” Fernando Cobelo’s Artist Shop

Sage Pizza’s Artist Shop

Signal Noise’s Artist Shop

Steven Rhodes’ Artist Shop

Yury Velikanov’s Artist Shop

Haypeep’s Artist Shop

Matt Griffin’s Artist ShopVó Maria’s Artist Shop

Zero Street’s Artist ShopBeards and Cats’ Artist Shop

Old Fox Design’s Artist Shop

Have mugs, notebooks, and phone cases in your Artist Shop? Link us to it in the comments!


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