Friday Features: Simply Southwest

It’s getting to *that* point in the mid-winter where cacti are starting to look pretty cuddly and some warm, sunny vibes are sounding pretty dang good! Whether you’re like us and still trying to shake off the ice up here above the equator or you’ve got your sunglasses on and arms bare, here are 14 Artist Shop designs with some southwest-y vibes that’ll thaw you right out!

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“Cactus” | Elebea’s Artist Shop

“Cacti” | Designerd’s Artist Shop

“Dept. of Adventure – Desert” | ClintZero’s Artist Shop

“Cactus” | Giddalthi’s Artist Shop

“Southwest Lizard” | Lila Grey’s Artist Shop

“Skull Study Shirt” | Kristen Liu-Wong’s Artist Shop

“Watercolor Cactus Seamless Pattern” | Nereia’s Artist Shop

“La Llorona” | Juan Cordero’s Artist Shop

“Adventure” | Vasygold’s Artist Shop

“Cosmic Dreaming” | Againstbound’s Artist Shop

“Arizona” | Kakel’s Artist Shop

“Cactus Club” | Rachel Lucette’s Artist Shop

“Stargazers” | Sage Pizza’s Artist Shop

“Cactusty” | Secret Hot Dogs’ Artist Shop


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