Friday Features: Snug as a Pug in a Rug

I think we can agree that all doggos are love and all doggos are life. But if there’s one dog that’s proven to be most popular in Artist Shops, the pug has even the shiba doge beat. And why would they not? Pugs capture the imagination – they’re adorable in their weirdness; they don’t even look like dogs so much as they look like little adorable space aliens, and you gotta love ’em.

Check out just a few of (MANY) of the pug designs found in Artist Shops, and catch the love pug!

.     .     .

“Pug Yoga” | Hue Bucket’s Artist Shop
 “Captain Pugbert the Space Pug” | Collageorama’s Artist Shop

“Pug Saint” | Pugacademy’s Artist Shop

“8-Bit Pugs” | Pixel8’s Artist Shop

“Pug Double Bird” | One Weird Dude’s Artist Shop

“No Evil Pug” | Hue Bucket’s Artist Shop

“POP Pug” | Mei Yu Art’s Artist Shop

“Good Vibes” | Frenchie and Friends’ Artist Shop

“Pug Cerberus” | WesWongWithYou’s Artist Shop

“Pug Life” | Nic Devious’s Artist Shop

“Pug Portrait” | Carl Conway’s Artist Shop


Do you know about (or have) a cute pug design we missed? Post it in the comments!


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