Friday Features: The Owls Are Not What They Seem…

“Fire, walk with me…” 

Fashion isn’t the only way the ’90s are coming back in style. It’s been over 25 years since the question “who killed Laura Palmer?” changed our television and coffee expectations forever. But this weekend the wait for Twin Peaks to return is finally over! 

There are so many things in Twin Peaks that never got explained: wtf was up with the magician kid holding creamed corn? Will Josie ever get out of that drawer handle? To hold yourself over for the final stretch of this two decade wait for answers (or just more questions), check out these designs from Artist Shops and Threadless that are worthy of an Agent Cooper thumb’s up!

👍 ☕ 👍 ☕

“You’re a Hoot” | Sash Kash’s Artist Shop

“The Great Northern” | Jason Cryer’s Artist Shop

“Night Life” | The Paper Crane’s Artist Shop

“Best Buds” | Sarah Becan’s Artist Shop

“Night Owl” | I Love Doodle’s Artist Shop

“You Otter Know” | Midnight Coffee’s Artist Shop

“Welcome to Twin Peaks” | Steven Rhodes’ Artist Shop


“King of the Night”  | Dandingeroz’s Artist Shop

“The Man From Another Place” | Jason Cryer’s Artist Shop

“I Love Uuuuuuuu” | I Love Doodle’s Artist Shop

“Dale Cooper vs The Black Lodge”  | Adam Hook’s Artist Shop

“Owl Party” | Meg Hunt

“Black Coffee” | Spike00’s Artist Shop

“Purple” | Bulo’s Artist Shop

“A Damn Fine Cup” | Ville Morkki

Don’t have an artist shop? Start one now!

Featured image is “Welcome to Twin Peaks” by Robert Farkas (check out his Artist Shop too!)

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