Friday Features: Ugly is Beautiful

When it comes to holiday sweaters, the gaudier, the gauche-ier, the uglier, the better! One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is seeing all the rad new ugly Christmas sweater and tee designs that our artists create. To celebrate this year’s new designs, we asked our artists, ugly Christmas sweaters: ugly or beautiful? 

Check out what they had to say below! And let us know what you think in the comments!

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“Sweater Things” by RoseMakesArt

Absolutely beautiful! I can never resist the lure of an ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater, and I love thinking that Grandmas can rejoice every year knowing we’re keeping their fashion traditions alive and well.


Taylor Rose (RoseMakesArt) | Bend, Oregon
“Whatever” by Mandrie

I try to keep my sweaters equal parts ugly and beautiful.



Mandy Andrie (Mandrie) | Moorhead, MN
“Merry Cthulhu”

Ugly? Beautiful? It doesn’t matter, as long as you stay with the people you love, open up presents, and worship Cthulhu!


Marco Mottura (Mdk7) | Novara
The Christmas Cake Is A Lie” and “Duck For Christmas

I think Christmas sweaters hold a power of nostalgia. Behind the ugliest of ugly exterior, hidden in amongst each stitch, lies the beauty of a distant memory of a previous Christmas. “Duck for Christmas” is inspired by the Christmas of ’87. When Nintendo’s home console revolutionized gaming as we knew it and an entire generation of gamers were born. Growing up I always thought Nordic sweaters (Christmas jumpers as we call them in the UK) were ugly especially when you opened up a present from your Grandma on Christmas day to find one. Fast forward to today and those sweaters your Gran made, that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing, hold a special place in your heart. Maybe deep down that is what inspired my collection of 25 Christmas Sweater designs.


Retro Review | South Yorkshire, UK
“Ugly Jesus Sweater”

It’s pretty ugly (see what I did there, huh? Sorry. Not sorry).


Rodrigo (rodrigobhz)
“Hallelujah, Holy Shirt!”

I don’t think that good and bad or ugly and beautiful are necessarily on linear scales. Like low budget B-movies that don’t aspire to greatness but are often so bad that they are good (and better than many things that are attempting quality), I feel that ugliness is often the thing that makes us notice something and realize that it is in fact beautiful for its imperfections. So ugly Christmas sweaters may not belong in the Louvre, but they’d make for a great art exhibit that also sold tacos (and by art exhibit, I mean lots of people in ugly Christmas sweaters eating tacos and admiring each others’ sweaters. Can we make that happen?)


Ian Leino | Asheville, NC
Not A Pervert” and “Just Right

The uglier the better!


Steve Gelenter | Hawthorne, NJ
“Meowy Catmas”

No matter how ugly a Christmas Sweater it, it always looks beautiful to its owner ^^!


Marco Pedrazzoli (maped) | Rovigo, Italy


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