From family, to Friends, to Pizza, What Are You Most Thankful For?

Everyone loves giving and getting gifts in the form of presents and feasts this time of year. But the holidays are also prime time to sit back and reflect on all the things we already have. Whether it’s family, getting printed on Threadless, or the new Pokemon game coming out, we all have something we can be thankful for and smile about (and for all the rest we still want, there’s always Black Friday!)

We asked our artists this week what they’re most thankful for. Check out their answers and amazing new designs below. And leave your own answer in the comments!

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“Mondays” by Haasbroek

Small modest pleasures, like the smell of the ocean, eating freshly baked bread, walks in nature or throwing a piece of trash into the bin from a distance.



Jaco Haasbroek | Cape Town, South Africa
“1957: SPUTNIK 1” by Metalsan

I am most thankful for my family and friends, and also for something even more important: the avocados.



Santiago Sarquis (Metalsan) | Venezuela
“Moose Leaf” by jpmcdade92

I’m thankful for long weekends, food-centric holidays, and cats.



Jason McDade (jpmcdad) | Tampa, FL
“We Want Jetpacks” by rossmat8 and pijaczaj

I’m most thankful for my family. Especially my wife Kelly and our daughter, who will be born in March!



Ross Matlock | Greenfield, IN.

The first thing that comes to my mind is living in our times. Life today seems so much easier than back in the past, and so much better. I mean we have the Internet! Not to mention other great inventions thanks to which there is less and less that we have to do and more and more that we can do.



Paweł Kania (Pijaczaj) | Krakow
“Things” by Spencer Fruhling

I’m thankful for Canadian Thanksgiving in October. More time to let the stuffing digest before Christmas.



Spencer Fruhling

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Party Pattern” by Katie Lukes

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