Gallery-Quality Wall Art That’s Actually Affordable

Picture this. You get a vibrant, alluring piece of wall art to hang up in your living room. You’re proud to look at it every day, and it absolutely captivates your houseguests. Congratulations! You have great taste. But then years pass, and the paper starts to yellow, and the colors start to fade. Not quite the conversation-starter it used to be, huh?

When it comes down to it, it’s the quality of materials that determines how long an art print will look as new as the day it was printed. At Threadless, you’ll find a wide selection of wall art printed and assembled with the same quality of materials you’ll see in a museum or art gallery. That way, you can enjoy your art for as long as you want to stare at it.

Our art prints aren’t flimsy Dark Side of the Moon posters you sticky-tack to a wall. They’re sturdy, long-lasting, and beautifully assembled. They display your favorite art with a sophisticated touch, adding personality to your apartment, house, dorm room, or office. Most importantly, they’re affordable. Let’s break down what makes our wall art premium.

Featured Designs: “Invisible City” by Jack Duarte, “School Photo” by Sian Elvis,  “F/ND Yourself” by dylmor, “Bats in Blankets” by Iota Illustration, “Koohii No Hito” by Hellpanda, “Aerialphabet (Labelled)” by waynem
Featured Designs: “Invisible City” by Jack Duarte, “School Photo” by Sian Elvis,  “F/ND Yourself” by dylmor, “Bats in Blankets” by Iota Illustration, “Koohii No Hito” by Hellpanda, “Aerialphabet (Labelled)” by waynem

Get Up-Close and Personal with Our Fine Art Prints

Acid-Free Paper

Remember when we talked about yellowing and fading? That type of aging is caused by chemicals that slowly break down lesser prints. All of our Fine Art Prints use archival-quality, acid-free paper that resists discoloration over long periods of time. Plus, the paper’s ultra-smooth surface makes print designs look flawless.

Featured Design: “Prism” by Sergio Saucedo

Dye Sublimation Heat Transfer Printing

Graphic designs appear as if they’ll leap right off the wall thanks to dye sublimation heat transfer printing that delivers crisp, high-quality colors that really pop.

Featured Design: “Yee Haw” by Cat Barrera

Matte Frame

Our Framed Fine Art Prints arrive at your home fully assembled and ready-to-hang. Each comes with a matte frame made with premium scratch-resistant acrylic plexiglass and wood moulding. Color options include black and white.

Featured Design: “See Ma, I’m Doing Great” by WGshop

Paper Backing

When it comes to the longevity of an art print, dust is the enemy. Our Framed Fine Art Prints feature paper backing that keeps dust out, as well as pesky insects. It also helps control the humidity within the frame.

Strong Hanging Wire

Each of our Framed Fine Art Prints has a strong hanging wire on the back that allows the print to hang flush against the wall for a neat, sleek appearance.

Other Styles of Wall Art to Adorn Your Home or Workspace

Fine Art Prints are just the beginning of the wall art selection at Threadless. There are many other styles that offer the same level of quality and attention to detail. Go wild mixing and matching wall art to create a vibe that’s unmistakably yours. Here’s some more wall art to deck out your home.

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints are stretched over a wooden frame. This sleek presentation adds an extra dimension to your walls, displaying your favorite art in a really cool way. Digital glicée printing and archival inks also make graphic designs look even sharper and more vibrant.

Featured Design: “​​Interference” by Daniel Teixeria


Tapestries allow you to switch up the textures on your wall when you display them next to traditional art prints. They’re also lightweight and easy to hang thanks to metal grommets on each corner. Depending on which size you choose, you can cover a significant amount of blank wall space.

Featured Design: “Act Natural” by Gintron

Metal Wall Art

It literally doesn’t get sleeker than this. Our Metal Wall Art is made out of bend- and water-resistant aluminum printed with super-crisp, photo-quality designs. Each print comes with a wire or sawtooth hook on the back for easy hanging.

Featured Design: “Pretty Good” by Michael Sieben

Acrylic Wall Art

Acrylic Wall Art adds a whole new depth to art prints. Each design is printed on high-quality HD photo paper, then mounted to the back of a thick clear acrylic substrate. Truly a unique and fun way to showcase our community’s imaginative art.

Featured Design: “Don’t Kill My Vibe” by doodlebymeg

Now that we’ve properly acquainted you with our high-quality wall art, it’s time to festoon your naked walls! Whether you’re into horror, kawaii, or vaporwave, you’ll find thousands of Threadless art prints that speak to your unique sensibilities. Let the redecorating begin!

The design featured at the top of this post is “Koi and Peonies” by ramarama.

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