#GameofThreads is BACK for the final season

The final season of Game of Thrones arrives next week and your watch will soon be ending. Find solace in #GameofThreads!

The eighth season of GoT is gonna be as hot as “Dracarys.” But the idea that the show is almost at an end is overwhelming: kind of like the Dothraki or Cersei’s attitude. In honor of the 7 Kingdoms, as you watch GoT, send a Raven (aka a Tweet) and let’s have a chat about what has unfolded, how terrifying the Night King is, or speculate on how many cups of wine Tyrion will down next week!

Tweet with us every Sunday night using the hashtag #GameofThreads, and we’ll be right there, side by side (as if we’re about to fight a Giant together) tweeting with you. Best of all? Bend the knee for #GameofThreads and you can win the throne or –in this case– a $25 gift card, every week!

While what you wear won’t be as shielded as Ser Jaime’s armor, you can still celebrate the beginning of the end with a GoT tee. Plus, if you tag us in a pic wearing your fav Threadless GoT inspired tee, we’ll hit you with a repost! Take a look below at some of our favorite designs and gear up for the end of Game of Thrones.

"A Girl Has a Name"
A Girl Has a Name” by Spencer Fruhling
"Nights Watch"
Nights Watch” by dandingeroz
Snow” by BlancaJP
"The Seasons"
The Seasons” by graja
"Crazy Dragon Lady"
Crazy Dragon Lady” by queenmob
"Summer is Coming"
Summer is Coming” by bbdreamdesigns
"Visit the Wall"
Visit the Wall” by mathiole
"Dire Wolf"
Dire Wolf” by jonhabins

Featured Design “Thronopoly” by FRICKINAWESOME

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