Get All Over These All-Over Tees on Discover

What’s even better than one awesome design on a tee? Even more of that awesome design all OVER a tee! After all, who doesn’t want a little more of a cool thing? Now that all-over tees are slowly rolling out to Artist Shops (shop owners, sign up now!), there are even more awesome all-over print tee designs to uncover on Discover – far too many to contain within just one blog post. So consider this the beginning of a beautiful ongoing series where we’ll be featuring fresh all-over print tees that we find in Discover on the blog. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – scroll down to behold some super cool all-over tees!

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Shop “More Sleep” by Huebucket

Shop “Space Jelly” by Mat Miller

Shop “Trippin in Space” by Colindres Art 

Shop “Plantin'” BB Tamagotchi

Shop “Taco Tuesday” by Bravo Graphics

Shop “Sword” by Yuri Shwedoff Design

Shop “Shark Ocean” by Adena Jooste for the Shedd Aquarium

Shop “Galaxy Graveyard” by Darker Days

Shop “Totally Gothic” by Grandio Design

Shop “Space” Alexis Ziritt

Shop “Vacuum of Space” by Made With Awesome

Shop “The Light” by Matt Dangler

Shop “A Dream” by Janamis

Shop “Scrambled Memories” by Stallio

Shop “Shadows in my Head” by Hanna Jaeun

Shop “Royal Chambers of Brahma – Jack Kirby and Barry Geller”

Discover more all over prints! 

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