Get Inked With the Tattoo Style Designs of Juanita Garcia

What’s black and white and inked all over? The designs of artist Juanita Garcia! Caution: if you’re the type that looks at an awesome piece of art and goes, “I need that as a tattoo”, then you’re about to get a whole new sleeve of ’em. Juanita’s inky designs have a vintage typography & lettering meets tattoo style worthy of a tee or a tat. Her designs are artistic but also ooze a sense of free expression and fun, totally embodying her artistic philosophy: “Have fun, explore, and never stop expressing yourself.”

We talked to Juanita all about her creative style, her career as a graphic designer, how she forged her lettering + tattoo style and more. Scroll on down to see more of her amazing work!

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First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself! What show have you been obsessed with lately?

I’m a graphic designer, but illustration and lettering are my favorite things. I never thought about what would happen if I combined both arts, so I did it! I just picked the best of both worlds and discovered a new style. I’m obsessed right now with a lot of series on Netflix; that’s the way I get into a lot of new stories, so when I finish one I start with the next one immediately.

Juanita Garcia tattoo style - same old tune
Same Old Tune

You work in design professionally – what’s been one of your favorite projects to work on?

My favorite brand to work with is Sprite because they speak my language. I could work with any brand as long as they can let me be free doing my job.

Juanita Garcia tattoo style - zombie survival kit
Zombie Survival Kit

How does your artistic process at work differ from your artistic process personally?

It’s the opposite! At my job, I have all the pressure to do a hundred things at the same time and they need it now! The result: it’s limited, but when I sit to draw and do my art, I just take my time – of course with music and calm. That’s the best way to do what you love.

Juanita Garcia tattoo style - beast fish
Beast Fish

What’s the local art scene like in Colombia!

It’s awesome! There are a lot of great artists here and you can find a lot of styles. The problem is that we don’t have too much visibility, so we have to promote ourselves through the Internet.

Juanita Garcia tattoo style - Artist Shop
A few of the rad designs and products in Juanita’s Artist Shop. Top row: “Toilet Paper” on a shower curtain, “Sardines” on a zip pouch, and “Eye” on a men’s tank. | Bottom row: “Inner Peace” on a beach towel, “Old School Cassette” on a tapestry, and “Aim High Bird” on a notebook.

You have such a consistent black & white meets hand lettering art style, but it looks like you draw from lots of background inspiration! What kinds of things and subjects inspire you?

Everything! Sometimes I feel stupid so I draw stupid things, or sometimes I get inspired by quotes I search everywhere, from music to TV shows or just some quotes that describe the way I feel. The world is huge; we just have to dive and have fun!

Juanita Garcia tattoo style - mason jar
Mason Jar

What are some of your tools of the trade?

For me it’s simple: I just use a white sheet of paper and fineliner black markers. That’s all I need.

Juanita Garcia tattoo style - fight for pizza
Fight For Pizza

What’s your artistic philosophy?

Have fun, explore, and never stop expressing yourself.

Juanita Garcia tattoo style - born to be wild
Born to be Wild Skeleton

What kind of typography and hand lettering inspires you most? How do you start an illustration?

I like more condensed fonts, but I give them a twist. There are a lot of types of typography and each one of them expresses in design something different; you must have this in mind before you start. I have two different ways to start a piece, selecting a quote or choosing an object; whatever comes at me first.

Juanita Garcia tattoo style - dark rooster
Dark Rooster

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m a black color lover. In fact, my wardrobe is all black same as my artwork. I suck with colors!

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