“Nice to Meet You, Tired. I’m Dad!” – Your Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Let’s be real, for all the times they’ve embarrassed us, there’s a part of us that loves their awkward dance moves and dad puns. And just like there’s a pressure on Mother’s Day to get it just right, there’s a whole ‘nother pressure on Father’s Day. Because dads can be super hard to shop for.

Time to ditch the overdone “World’s #1 Dad” mug, classic socks, or just signing a card that goes along with a gift your mom bought that’s “from the family”. This year for Father’s Day, get your dad something that’ll get him doing the funky chicken dad dance! Here are gifts that every kind of dad will love!

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For the dad who loves ‘dad jokes’

Drawstring Bag: “Jam Session” by Nabhan Abdullatif (@NaBHaN)| Phone Case (Heavy Duty): “Dogtor” by Joel Robinson (@obinsun)| Mug: “Can Knot” by Haasbroek | Towel: “Stay Pawsitive” by Rodrigo Leonardo Batista Ferreira (@rodrigobhz) | Sweater: “Chili” by Haasbroek

Who of us hasn’t fallen into the “Nice to meet you, tired! I’m Dad!” joke trap? Time to give him a taste of his own medicine and show him that the young ‘Dadawan’ has become the Jedi Master of dad jokes! It’s all about the puns – get him a design that puts an eye roll worthy play on words that will crack him up.

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For the ex-hippie dad

Phone Case (Slim): “Magic Mushroom” by Steven Rhodes (@bluesparrow) | Towel: “Water & Peace” by HappyBombs | Mug: “Your Mind’s Eye” by Steven Rhodes (@bluesparrow) | Sweatshirt: “Dream On” by Mathiole | Travel Mug: “YES” by Jillian Fisher (@merkinspurlock)

Baby, don’t fear the reefer. He may have traded bell bottoms for business pants, but don’t let those khakis fool you; once a hippie, always a hippie. If your dad is the type to reflect on the days of flower children and rock ‘n roll, get him something that will send him straight into a magical mystery tour-esque flashback!

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For the geeky dad

Print: “Starfleet Tri-D Chess Champion” by Nicholas Ginty (@Gintron) | Dad Hat: “Die of Providence” by Ville Morkki (@Morkki) | Phone Case (Slim): “NES Cartridge Love” by Nicholas Ginty (@Gintron) | Sherpa Blanket: “My Memory is Terrible” by Michael Buxton (@DinoMike) | Tee: “Springfield Isotopes” by Mike Marshall

If your dad was also the ‘geeky parent’, get him something featuring a geeky reference he’ll appreciate. It’ll show him that his geekiness has been passed down to you, and that you’ve become a mini version of his geeky self much like the Borg in Star Trek – resistance is futile!.

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For the Ron Swanson-esque ‘outdoorsdad’

Blanket: “Campfire Stories” by Timothy Premack (@MackStudios) | Phone Case (Heavy Duty): “Whiskey on the Rocks” by Agu Luque (@Aguvagu) | Beach Towel: “Camping” by Koivo | Bath Mat: “Sur La Plage” by Florent Bodart (@speakerine) | Print: “Outdoors & S’mores” by cabinsupplyco

If your dad is more likely to be watching the beauty of a thunderstorm than he is to be blaming his thunderous farts on actual thunder like the pun-loving dad might, get him back to nature! To quote Ron Swanson, “An ideal night is stepping onto my porch and area and grilling up a thick slab of something’s flesh.” For the dad that paddles his own canoe, give him something that visually reeks of pine forest and a cedar wood campfire.

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For the rad retro dad

Mugs: “The Vinyl System” by Grant Stephen Shepley (@Gamma-Ray) and “Retro” by Vo Maria | Sweater: “Super Tape” by Mathiole | Phone Case (Slim): “Choose Your Weapon: Gamers” by Brian Campbell (BC_Arts) | Rug: “Totally Rad” by Mathiole

Get him something that says, “you’re not old, dad! You’re retro!” For the dad who has some serious ’80s nostalgia, get him a rad retro design that takes him straight back to the decade he loves!

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For the music-lovin’ dad

Shirt: “The Smith Family” by Olivier Laude | Mug: “Cubism is Dead” by Cody Weiler (@csweiler) | Phone Cases (Slim): “Data” by Florent Bodart (@speakerine) and “Strum…” by ND Tank | Drawstring Bag: “MTN LP” by NDTank | Dad Hat: “Funkalicious” by Christopher Golebiowski

His dance moves might consist of the robot and leftover moves from the disco era, but his music taste was one of the first things that got your music taste going as a kid. Maybe he was more of a classic rock guy playing The Rolling Stones, The Mamas and the Papas, and Cream. Maybe he played the sounds of his hippie days with some Jimi, Janis, and CCR. Or maybe he’s a musician himself! Whatever the case, get your music-lovin’ Pop somethin’ he’ll want to tap his foot to!

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For both dads!

Print: “Two Dads” by Santiago Sarquis (@metalsan) | Tee: “Love is Love” by Victor Maury & Jackson Wimberly |Fleece Blanket: “Gay Pride” by Nicholas Bright (@nbright) | Dad Hat: “Peace and Love” by Budi Satria Kwan (@radiomode)

Two dads are better than one! Father’s Day happens to fall on pride month, so if you have two dads to get gifts for, maybe celebrate the pride you feel for them too!

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For the movie-buff dad

Phone Cases (Slim): “The Shining Overlook Hotel Rug” by Jeff Speiser (@artboy213) and “A Long Time Ago…” by Vo Maria | Print: “Visit Mordor” by Mathiole | Bath Mat: “Zissou of Fish” by Maysche | Travel Mug: “Free Hugs” by Michael Buxton (@Dinomike) | Pin: “All Shall Stop” by Mathiole

Some of my earliest movie memories are of my dad and I watching Star Wars: A New Hope while I cracked up about the Jawa, because I thought they were adorably hilarious. Show your dad that his pop-culture knowledge didn’t go unnoticed! Get him a design that features his favorite pop-culture reference, maybe one tied to a movie that you two used to watch all the time together (or still do)!

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