Meet The World’s Most Photoshoppable Face

Gettin' The Skinny with Jeff Guerrero

Welcome back to the second edition of Gettin’ The Skinny 2.0! Today’s guest is none other than Jeff Guerrero – the rockstar Graphics Coordinator for Threadless and the face behind a whole bunch of awesome Photoshopped images (more on that to come).

GTS: Jeff, welcome to Gettin’ The Skinny! How would you describe your role at Threadless?

Jeff: My official title is Graphics Coordinator, which, in short, means I oversee every graphic that comes in and out of Threadless. I lead our brand marketing team in picking the designs every week, too. I would say my job is pretty sporadic though, especially working in the production department. We work with every department so there’s always something new to do.

GTS: How did you make the jump from your previous job to your current gig at Threadless?

Jeff: Haha, oof. My background is totally different.  At my previous gig, I was the Clinical Research Assistant in Transplant Surgery at Cornell Hospital in NYC. It had one of those moments in life where I needed a change. An internship opportunity came up on the community team here at Threadless and I jumped on it. I’ve been here almost two years now!

GTS: Is there anything you miss about living in NYC?

Jeff: Tons. The pizza and all my favorite foods. (Sorry Chicago, I’m not a fan of deep dish.) Although it’s one of the reasons I wanted a break, the pace of NYC life is something I miss the most. That and family, since all my family is there. Oh wait, and Shake Shack. We just got one in Chicago but it doesn’t taste the same.

Meet Jeff. He likes the ‘za.

GTS: You’ve submitted a lot of great designs to Threadless. Which one is your favorite and why?

Jeff: “Bubble Trouble“, primarily because it was my first print, and because receiving the print notification was the coolest day of my life. But, I also dig all the collaborations I’ve done with people – I’ve learned a lot from fellow artists.

“Bubble Trouble” by Jeff Guerrero

GTS: You seem to be a favorite target for amazing Photoshopped images. Do you have a favorite community Photoshop image? Is there some outrageous Photoshop you’d like to see yourself in?

Jeff: Haha, oh boy. I’ve never felt so loved. Gosh, I can’t pinpoint one, but for some reason the butter man is popping in my head. Y’all are ridiculous, but it’s still funny to me. The term outrageous seems tame compared to some folks’ works. I just like seeing people have fun on the blogs.

Jeff becomes Biebs and gets acquainted with the Canadian Prime Minister

GTS: I’ve asked the Threadless community to submit some questions for you and we’ve got some whoppers. The first question is from Christina.A.art: What’s your favorite/or most memorable experience at Threadless?

Jeff: Besides working alongside some amazing friends, I would say all the connections I’ve made here in the creative world – both domestic and internationally, from street artists to musicians, etc!

GTS: biernatt wants to know: What is your guilty (the most guilty, please) pleasure TV show and/or movie?

Jeff: TV show is Jane the Virgin. I originally thought it was dumb, and then I binge-watched it and decided it was a good, ha. As for movies, I love a good rom com.

Jeff poses as one of his most beloved TV characters

GTS: The Paper Crane asks: If you ruled the world, what would you change?

Jeff: This is a hard question… I think it would be cool to be paid in bacon and whiskey. But, I guess I could be less greedy and fix the balance of money in the world.

GTS: And lastly, taz-pie asks: How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth at once?

Jeff: Narsty! Let’s go with a safe six.

GTS: OK Jeff, now it’s time to play PICK ONE. I’ll give you a series of choices and you…wait for it…pick one. Ready?

Jeff: READY!

GTS: Bananas or apples?

Jeff: Bananas

GTS: Mohawk or dreadlocks?

Jeff: Dreadlocks

GTS: Furbies or Beanie Babies?

Jeff: Ughh furbies = nightmares. So, beanie babies.

GTS: Monocle or Top Hat?

Jeff: Top Hat. Keepin’ it classy, duh.

GTS: Jordan or Shaq?

Jeff: Jordan, allll dayyyy!

GTS: Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown or Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Logan?

Jeff: Being that I haven’t seen Bill & Ted’s Ultimate Adventure (sorry!), I have to go with Marty and Doc Brown. I mean, it’s also 2015… come on.

GTS: Kickball or Dodgeball?

Jeff: Dodgeball

GTS: High Five or Fist Bump?

Jeff: Fist bumps. They make me think of Big Hero 6. FA DA LA LA LA LAAaaaA!

GTS: Kermit or Gonzo?

Jeff: Gonzo!

GTS: Whitesnake or Warrant?

Jeff: I don’t know either of these, but I’ll go with Whitesnake because I’m 12 years old.

GTS: Jeff, thanks a lot for taking the time to chat. Before we wrap this up, do you have any words of wisdom to share with the Threadless community?

Jeff: Never get comfortable or life will get boring. And thank you to all the amazing friends I’ve made in this community; you guys make it all worth it. I love you all from the bottom of my coral shorts.

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