Gift Guide: The Coolest Geeky Gifts

Gifts: the final frontier. Whether you’re a nerd for fantasy football or Final Fantasy, we’re all nerds about something. Get a gift that will make your loved ones geek out while the savings are fresh!

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The Space Nerd


T-shirts: Never Date an Astronaut” by Katie Campbell and “Astro Club” by Eric Zelinski | Sweatshirt: Otter Space” by Tom | Phone case: Solar System” by aparaat | Zip pouch: “We Want Jetpacks!” by Pawel Kania| Pillow: Mister Mittens Big Adventure” by Joe Van Wetering| Totes: Never Ending” by Adam Rajcevich and “Dot to Dot” by Anna Gordon 


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The Science Nerd


Sweatshirt: Onomatopoeriodic Table” by Vo Maria | T-Shirt: Ode to the Cosmos” by Taylor Rose | Beanie: Springfield Isotopes” by Mike Marshall | Tapestry: Introduction to Molecular Bonding” Andy Pitts | Tote: Stay Curious”  by Nicholas Ginty


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The Tabletop Gamer


Zip pouch: Die of Providence” by Ville Morkki

The Gamer


Sweatshirts: Old School” by Mandy Andrie and “Bowzilla” by Estudio Verso | Beanie: Video Games Ruined My Life” by Lawrence Pernica | Tapestry: Arcade Madness” by Some Dutch Guy | Notebook: Old Gamer” by Gintron | Phone case: Penrose Triforce” by John Tibbott | Tote: Russian Cargo” by Hans Krebs


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The Pop-Culture Nerd


Shirts: Star Trek Emblem: Enterprise” by Nathan Laird, “Power Converters!” by Carla McLaughlin and Carl Mitsch, and “Rock! Paper! Scissors! Web!?” by Robert Thomas Campbell | Phone case: Doctor Phrenology” by Chris Wharton | Travel mug: Cthulhu’s Church” by Gianni Corniola | Pillow: Since 1993” by Andrea | Tote: On LV-426” by JC


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The Traveling Nerd


Weekender bag: Let’s Go on an Adventure” by Philip Tseng


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