Gifts for the [INSERT TYPE OF PERSON HERE] in Your Life

Ahh, yes, the holidays. The yearly paradox of how the most wonderful time of year also happens to be the most insanity-inducingly stressful time of the year is upon us once more.

Finding gifts for everyone in your life worthy of getting an awesome gift from you is exhausting, expensive, and freakin’ takes time.

But we get it, we’re in the same boat. And to narrow down your search, we’ve broken it down into products the cat lover/outdoorsy/conspiracy theorist/gamer/nerd/morbid humor/space fan/’80s fan in your life might like.

So sit back, relax, and let us do your holiday shopping for you.

The Crazy Cat Lover


Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure” | “Supercat” | “Careless Whisker” |”Aliens Gave my Cat a Beard!” | “Celestial Cat” |”I Can Haz Cheeseburger Spaceships?

The Outdoorsy, Wanderlusty Traveler 

GiftGuide_outdoors_111715Bike Ride” | “NTNL PRKS” | “The Geometry of Sunrise” | “The Birches” | “Yosemite” | “Dam it!” | “I was an Eagle” | “Lutsen, MN” | “O Beautiful

The Conspiracy Theorist


Surefooted” | “They Made us” | “Plotting the Risky Agenda” | “Sweet Betty’s Sparkling Yetis

The Non-Subtle Gamer


Mini Pixels” | “A Pixel of my Childhood” | “Beer Pong” | “Bowzilla” | “Video Games Ruined my Life” | “Russian Cargo

The Subtle Nerd


Vote Goldie” | “Asgardian Weapons 101: Mjolnir” | “Linksy” | “Visit the Wall” | “Sunshine” | “There and Back Again

The Hilariously Morbid Irony Fan


Spoiler Alert” | “The Last Supper“| “Nuns with Guns” | “Ninjesus” | “The Ultimate Battle“| “Stop, Please!

The Spacey One


Never Ending” | “Ode to the Cosmos!” | “Space Travel” | “Otter Space” | “Last Night

The One Who’s Stuck in the ’80s


Totally Rad” | “80s Playlist” | “Super Tape” | “Back to the Video Game” | “A Universe Far, Far Away

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