Go Nuts… for New Peanuts Designs!

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more goodness from the greatest gang on earth, we’ve got brand new Peanuts designs for you! That’s right; since you guys reimagined the classic comic strip in so many awesome ways for our Peanuts design challenge, we just can’t stop releasing more into the world. Yesterday we launched five more designs, and to get into the spirit, we asked the artists behind the tees to name their favorite Peanuts memory. Read on to find out, and shop the new designs here!

“The Peanuts Baseball League” by Vincent Caduc

When I first discovered the Peanuts universe through a comic my older brother bought, when I was 7 or 8 years old. Peanuts was already famous around the world, but for me, a little dude reading many Franco-Belgian comics, it introduced a new kind of story, humor, and cast of characters. I immediately loved this change, and the stories narrated by a white dog lying at the top of his doghouse. – Vincent Caduc, Feron, Clazay, France 

“The Creation” by Fernando Degrossi

I remember the teacher’s voice. In school, the voices of all teachers sound the same; when we don’t pay attention to something, we hear noises instead of words. Peanuts had a real interpretation of it! – Fernando Degrossi, São Paulo, Brazil

“No More Blockheads” by Mark T. Hardin

Every holiday season as a child I recall gathering with my family around the television in cozy pajamas, holding large bowls of popcorn. With the kaleidoscopic glow of blinking lights from the christmas tree setting the ambient holiday mood, we watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and loved every minute of it. It’s one of many traditions that I have carried on with my own children. This of course served as the gateway to the traditional viewings of other Charlie Brown specials and looking for the Peanuts comic strip in any newspaper that made its way through our front door. – Mark T. Hardin, Perry, Utah

“A Beautiful Night To Dream” by Marcos Roberto de Moraes

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