Sunday is Extraterrestrial Abduction Day!

Happy (almost) Extraterrestrial Abductions Day! Which is apparently totally a real holiday, and our new favorite. 

This Sunday marks E.T Abduction Day 2016 – which is ironic since this new season of X-Files played on Sundays. The website says that when they tried to find out about this holiday’s origins, “we believe the creator has been abducted. The suspects are believed to have fled the area in a very high speed vehicle.”

So to celebrate, we thought we’d see which Threadless tees some of our favorite movie aliens, alien abductees, and E.T friends & hunters alike would wear.

Notice an opportunity we missed? Just wanna talk about your fave sci-fi movies? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Predator (Predator) – “Alien Evolution”

I feel like it’d be like those decals people put on their cars to represent each member of the family, but an ironic, alien version of that.

“Alien Evolution” by Samiel

Xenomorph (Alien– “Predator Pinup” 

Because two can play at this game, Predator. What REALLY triggered Alien vs Predator.

“Pinup Predator” by Tom Burns

Galaxy Quest  “Through the 4th Wall” 

Well this one goes without explaining, I’d hope. And they’d all be wearing matching versions. Obviously.

“Through the 4th Wall” by TripperJack

Luke Skywalker – “Power Converters!” 

“But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!” He’d totally have a shirt from there.

“Power Converters!” by theFactorie

Darth Vader – “Father Grows Best”

Because I crack myself up.

“Father Grows Best” by Mitch ‘Spacesick’ Ansara

Invaders from Mars “From Outerspace” 

It just seems right.

“From Outerspace” by Ahmet Gonulluoglu

Mulder (X-Files) – “Since 1993”

You know he’d wear this all the dang time.

“Since 1993” by Andrea

Attack the Block – “Night of the Living Plush”


“Night of the Living Plush” by Jorge Lopez Ramirez

Spock (Star Trek) – “Logic”

It’s only logical.

“Logic” by Nate Christenson

Leeloo  (The Fifth Element) – “Future Girl”

Because we don’t have a shirt with a multipass on it.

“Future Girl” by Rafael Pereira (Hafael)

The 9th Doctor (Doctor Who) – “Ban&a”

Bananas are good (points if you get this reference).

“Ban&a” by Brent Schoepf

The 10th Doctor (still Doctor Who) – “Atomic Kitties”

Time is kind of a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey whimey, kitty witty…stuff.

“Atomic Kitties” by Pim Tanachwanan

The 11th Doctor (…Doctor Wh–you get it) – “Starry Night”

If you get this reference, you might be crying right now.

“Starry Pattern” by Fred Hoffman

The 12th Doctor – “Journey Through Time and Space”

It just suits him.

“Journey Through Time and Space” by Leo Canham

E.T – “Hello.”

“Is it me you’re phoning home for?”

“Hello.” by Haasbroek

Men in Black – “Never Date an Astronaut”

If I had a nickel…

“Never Date an Astronaut” by Katie Campbell

The Matrix – “Electric Jellyfish”

I know, I know, not aliens – robots. But c’mon. This was too perfect.

“Electric Jellyfish” by Adam Wilson
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