Happy Halloween! What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Happy Halloween! The day we’ve been waiting for all month is finally upon us. And whether you woke up this morning feeling a chill in the air, or couldn’t shake the feeling that you could see something just out of the corner of your eye, the Halloween spirit is very much in the air.

To get some Halloween celebration inspiration, we asked our artists what their favorite scary movies were, and asked them to draw a little creepy picture too. Check out their answers below!

Have a favorite scary movie or TV show of your own? Leave it in the comments!

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“Among Friends” by ErinHesser

My favorite scary movie (though it’s also a really dark comedy) is American Werewolf in London (1981). Amazing creature effects, funny, and gory, this movie has it all. My mom let me watch this movie when I was in 3rd grade, and a horror fan was born! She really shouldn’t have been surprised when I asked her to make me a werewolf costume for Halloween that year, and not be “Snow White” as she hoped!



Erin Margaret Hesser (ErinHesser) | Queens, NY
“Game of Animals” by RicoMambo

Favorite movie: Alien, favorite TV show: The Walking Dead


RicoMambo | Split, Croatia
“Pride Rainbow Waves!” by badbugs_art

Ohhh that’s really hard to say – I’m such a movie nerd. An all-time classic is truly Alien. Only the pure awesomeness of the Artworks from the master HR Giger gives this movie a perfect dark mood. But also new Stuff like 28 Days Later or REC. are creepy as f%$k.



Phillip Rietz (badbugs_art)
“Go Went Gone” by makapa

I love Chucky!



makapa (may kapao)

Featured image is “Mistiness” by robsonborges

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