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We’re not very good at spring cleaning. In fact, we usually end up getting more stuff rather than trying to get rid of things. That’s why we’ve added a bunch of new products for some serious not-out-with-the-old but def-in-with-the-new spring cleaning possibilities for you! Introducing bath mats, laundry bags, drawstring bags, sherpa blankets, and rope handle weekender bags! 

Get all the deets on these new products below, check ’em out on our site, and add ’em to your Artist Shop!

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Bath Mats

Your body may be a temple, but the bathroom is surely a kingdom, right down to the porcelain throne. And it deserves to be decked out as such. Our new bathmats are the pinnacle of plushie and surely the softest thing you’ve ever set foot on (literally). If you’re anything like me, you want the simple things in life, like your bathroom to be a 24/7 spa with never-ending bath bombs and chillness. And our bathmats have your floor covered (pair them with a rad shower curtain for extra chill vibes!)

Personal picks: “Sur La Plage” by Florent Bodart, “Tropical Tendancies” by Michelle, and “The Hanging City” by Tang Yau Hoong

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Laundry Bags

Is it weird to kinda like doing laundry? Because not gonna lie, I kinda like doing laundry. It’s extra time to work on drawings, gives you something to do while bingeing on Master of None again, and now it’s an excuse to use our awesome new laundry bags! If you have mountains of laundry piling up, don’t worry – these drawstring top laundry bags close tight and have a set of handles on the side to get an extra handle on the heftiest of laundry loads.

Personal picks: “Let’s Summon Demons” by Steven Rhodes, “Solar System” by aparaat, and “Cats Riding T-Rexs!” by Jakub Gruber

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Drawstring Bags

Whether you’re taking them to go to the gym, or just using one to make you feel like you went to the gym when the only physical activity you’ve done all day is couch-surfed from one couch in the room to the other, everyone needs a drawstring bag! And with an inner zipper pocket for your PKW (phone, keys, wallet) and black liner for reinforcement, this sturdy back will surely be your trusty bag and, inevitably, most trusted best friend.

Personal picks: “Bitchin‘” by Perry Beane, “Can Knot” by Haasbroek, and “Burgerman” by zackolantern

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Sherpa Blankets

I might be a little biased, but I’m not over-exaggerating when I say that this is the softest blanket in all the land. Made out of polyester cut and spun from the clouds themselves (that might be an over-exaggeration), our sherpa blankets are the perfect thing for either making the world’s comfiest fort or just cocooning on the couch.

Personal picks: “Social Pugs” by Chalermphol Harnchakkham, “Never Tell Me the Odds” by Rupert Beard, and “The Shining Overlook Hotel Rug” by Jeff Speiser

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Rope Handle Weekender Bags

Our regular weekender bags, with a beach-y twist! Whether you’re staycationing or hitting a beach getaway, this rope handle weekender bag will bring full beach vibes.

Personal picks: “Om Nom Nom!” by Philipp Rietz, “Meowlennium Falcon” by Hillary White, and “Color Bomb!” by Philipp Rietz. 

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