Help Us Choose the Masters of the Universe Design Challenge Winner!

As we anticipated, the Masters of the Universe design challenge was a huge hit – resulting in 386 submissions! With each one as awesome as the next, it felt nearly impossible for us to choose a winner, so we’re handing the torch to you guys – cuz we need help!

Here’s how it’s gunna work. Today we launched 23 top contending designs in our brand new Masters of the Universe Artist Shop. We need you guys to check ‘em out, figure out your faves, and share them across the universe through Monday, June 22! After the time’s up, we’ll tally likes, shares, and sales for each design, and the one with the most across the board will be crowned the victor.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s up to you to move your most favorite MOTU design to the winning spot!

Check out the MOTU designs now!

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