Hit Me With Your Best Shirt!

“But first, let me take a selftee…”

Nothing says “let’s become immediate best friends” like seeing someone wearing a Threadless tee you love or accidentally Threadtwinning with you out in the wild world. Check out how some Threadfans are rocking their favorite items, and find out how you can get featured too!

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@rbynnnn rocking “Die Trying” by Mike Bautista

@fraunilsson_ and her little guy rocking “Not Today” by Fox Shiver

@plain.jane.k rocking “The Horde” by Aled Lewis

@juanitolibritos rocking “Know Your Dinosaurs” by Sarah Sobole

Threadless artist Matt Cheveralls rocking “Visit Mordor” by Mathiole

@kristinbotts rocking “Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty” by Tobias Teixeira da Fonseca

Gintron’s co-workers rocking Gintron’s designs. From left to right: “Leave Me Bee“, “Starfleet Tri-D Chess Champion“, “Creative.“, and “Beelze-Bud

@bayleaftea rocking the Amarandie Artist Shop design, “Safe Guard

@briantheonehandeddrummer rocking “Window Seat” by Ross Zietz

@elementaryarts holding a GIANT paintbrush and rocking “The Melting” by Joe Van Wetering

@aclayton746 by “Above Sea Level” by Ross Zietz

@brettkernart rocking “Welcome to Hell” from Haypeep’s Artist Shop

@aaronbrownphotos rocking “Taarna Returns” by Patrick Reilly

@sofakingmanda‘s husband rocking “Funkalicious” by Christopher Golebiowski

@wearecareful rocking “Sink Yer Teeth” by Casey Weldon

@ddayene threadtwinning “OM NOM NOM!” by Philipp Rietz


Want to see your own photos featured on the Threadless blog? Post pics of you rocking Threadless or Artist Shop designs with #threadless or #ArtistShops for a chance!

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Genée Cosden-West

Locally known on Threadless as Little_g_Design, Genée has been an alumni member of the community since 2006. She has an odd, sarcastic, sometimes dark sense of humor and serious love of cute and whimsical things. She finds drawing a relaxing process and loves to use her designs to make people laugh and smile. She's a a hard worker but still a big kid at heart, proud Mother, cat lover, proud dork and loving wife to her incredibly Scottish husband.