Holiday Gifts Under $25 That Your Loved Ones Can Use All Year ‘Round

‘Tis the season for giving! Giving gifts to loved ones can feel as awesome as receiving them. But when “loved ones” expands to include everyone from fam & friends to your neighbors, that person you always make eye contact with on the train but have never talked to, ALL your co-workers, and the three Secret Santas you’re a part of, the holidays can cost a pretty penny. So here are a few gifts under $25 that you can go ham on stuffing everyone’s stockings with without running out of money to actually put towards your big holiday gathering dinner. Scroll and see: your wallet will thank you.

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Mugs & Latte Mugs

Top row: “Wholesome Pupper” by Ronan Lynam, “Jolly AF” by 3bagsfulltees, & “Merry Extinction” by Teo Zirinis. | Bottom row: “Mondays” by Haasbroek, “1957: Sputnik 1” by Santiago Sarquis, & “Nothing to See Here.” by Fox Shiver.

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Small Art Prints

Left to right: “Nekozushi” by Pika & Marius, “All Shall Stop” by Mathiole, “If on a Winter’s Night…” by Paul Sheaffer, “Quiet Night” by Steven Rhodes, “The Shape Side” by Skylar, & “Visit Hogsmeade” by Mathiole.

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Small Zip Pouches

Top row: “Hemp!” by Philipp Rietz, “I Love Being Around You” by Nathan Pyle, and “The Girl in the Red Forest” by dandingeroz. | Bottom row: “Sexy, Butt Not Vulgar” by Vó Maria, “Not Today by Fox Shiver, & “Fat Unicorn on Rainbow Jetpack” by radiomode.

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Top row: “Kawaii Unicorn” by Vincent Trinidad, “Slotherin” by Dan Moller, & “Popoki” by littleclyde. | Bottom row: “Sushi” by Benjamin Ang, “Burn in Hell” by Troy & Moks, & “A Cure for Stupid People” by Steven Rhodes.

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Small Tote Bags

Top row: “Joy to the Universe” by Michelle, “The Pugly Truth” by David Olenick, & “Runnin’ Rhino” by Allan Faustino. | Bottom row: “Make a Smile” by R. Gegen Noviara, “Dolphox” by Ross Zietz, & “Corgi-Naut” by Phil Tseng.

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Hats & Beanies

Top row: “Beer!” by Ross Zietz, “Love Your Butts” by Ana Catarina Matos, & “Funkalicious” by Christopher Golebiowski. | Bottom row: “Video Games Ruined my Life” by Lawrence Pernica, “Fish Face” by Nate Christenson, & “Infinity MPG by Ross Zietz.

Travel Mugs

Top row: “You Are My Universe” by Lim Heng Swee, “Furr Division” by Tobe Fonseca, & “Foxy” by Lixin Wang. | Bottom row: “The Great Outdoors” by radiomode, “Dogtor” by Joel Robinson, & “Funkalicious” by Christopher Golebiowski.

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Products in featured image: Tote: “The Girl in the Red Forest” by dandingeroz | Travel mug: “Let’s Go” by Rick Crane | Notebook: “Overthink” by ilovedoodle | Zip pouch: “Hold On” by Camille Chew | Beanie: “Fish Face” by Nate Christenson

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