Honey, We’re Home!

From Dial-a-Muse to our Muse winner, last quarter we were all about getting inspired and aMUSEing your brain with ideas.

This quarter, we’re bringing that inspiration into our surroundings. Because our new theme is all about home…Threadhome!

We’re going to run six challenges in a row to celebrate “home” and a whole slew of new product selections. Our first one? Drum roll please…


They say the best ideas come to us while we’re in the shower. So let’s make that space as creatively inspiring and awesome as possible! Show us some of your best designs. Impressionistic landscapes or straight up nature. Small and repetitive or big and bold. Something to read while you’re on the commode, there are no rules here (just think about this one in terms of interior design, not apparel!) Use this template for your amazing designs.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with, and check back every 2 weeks for the new Threadhome challenge!

Like what you see? Want to get the creative ideas flowin’? Check out, score, and submit shower curtain designs here! And keep checking the page for the next new product challenge!

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Carlyn Hill

Dad joke aficionado, cartoonist, & contributor for sites like HelloGiggles and The Mary Sue by night. When I'm not writing or drawing, you can find me in my cave of a room hanging out with my boyfriend, Netflix.