Horror Designs that Will Make You Scream

Are you a fan of fear? Love screaming in dread (and delight!) at the most haunted, horrifying scenes of terror? Us too. Fall’s a magical time for horror nerds. It’s finally seasonally understandable why, when you’re not wearing all black, your graphic tees are splattered in blood (it’s just ink) and terrifying horror-film favorites like Freddy, Jason, that little girl from The Ring, and so many more.

Beyond the need to get your costume together to spook your coworkers and friends on All Hallow’s Eve, it’s time to pack your pre-Halloween wardrobe full of horrific designs. Then from the very first day of October (or let’s be real, September’s a great time to start the ghostly good times), you’re already in the spooky spirit, getting looks from all the normals and high-fiving your undead friends. Give your horror shirts a refresh with the latest looks from most demonic batch of terrifying designs yet. Really, they’re twisted.  

Off with Her Head!

Design by khairulanam87
Embroidery” design by khairulanam87

Don’t lose your head—or do—wearing this thoughtfully stitched Victorian classic. For the fan of psychological terror, it’s like a silent scream stuck in the back of your throat you can’t let out (maybe because your face isn’t connected to your lungs anymore?). 

Haunted ’90s Faves

Design by ibyes
FIENDS” design by ibyes 

The gang’s back together again in this ghoulishly good design. Were you more of Phoebe fan? Maybe Chandler was your man, or Monica made you smile? Whoever was your favorite, they’re all back from the dead, sipping on blood and brain-flavored sundaes. 

Horrifying Magical Horses

Design by Illustrata
Unicorn Calypse” design by Illustrata

The unicorns are finally seeking their revenge for all the dumb depictions we’ve done of them frolicking pleasantly in sunlit meadows. Run, don’t walk, from these one-horned terrors in this rainbow-filled design of mass destruction. What could be better than magical, rainbow pooping, imaginary creatures attacking downtown? 

Going Down in Flames

Design by daddy
Flame” design by daddy

Nothing quite says horror like a skeleton screaming and writhing in flames. Is your soul on fire and suffering for all time in an eternity of fire? Maybe, or it’s just a rad design you’re wearing to channel the darkness within. Either way, you look cool. 

Grim Fish Fate

Design by Khairul Anam
The Grim Reapurr” design by Khairul Anam 

Horror and humor are purrfectly matched in this cat lady’s dream design. There’s pure evil in the feline’s gaze and all the classic trappings of an old-school horror film poster. Pop in your favorite Halloween movie, throw on this design, and snuggle up with Boots (Muffin? Alfred? Mr. Stevens?) for an evening of delight. 

Aloha, Terror!

Design by Steven Rhodes
Tiki Surf Witches Want Blood” design by Steven Rhodes  

Tropical desert island meets Satanic occult fun in this design. These witches channel the best of Hawaiian luau, ‘60s beach party, and ritualistic terror. Wear this design, lei, grass shirt, and uke for a ready-made haunted tiki costume. Costume, done. You’re welcome. 

It goes without saying that we wear horror designs year round. But if you need to reason to scare the normals, let the spookiest season be it. Find some new haunted favorites in our deep well of horrific art.

Sarah Fischer

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